Vail Valley Voices: History of ‘church and state’ |

Vail Valley Voices: History of ‘church and state’

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Are you aware of the fiction of “the separation between church and state”?

David Barton, the author of a number of books on American history and the founder of WallBuilder, an organization dedicated to preserving the actual American history – that is, before progressives revised it in an attempt to destroy our Constitution and pride in America.

The phrase “separation of church and state” has never been in the Constitution of the United States. It has often been proven that many elected officials, including representatives and senators and maybe even justices and presidents are misinformed of these facts.

This proves that many elected officials who have sworn an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution have never read our founding document. Why the surprise? They don’t read the bills they vote on either. Have you?

The Supreme Court, without previous legal precedent, made decisions based on faulty logic that the Constitution was a dynamic and changing document and that “separation of church and state,” taken out of context and based on a concocted theory that the Constitution protects the government and the people from religion. It all started in 1962 with the Warren Court, with only one justice dissenting. (Engel vs Vitale, 370 U.S., 421, 1962).

So where did all this “separation” business get its start? Thomas Jefferson, a longtime proponent of religious liberty for all Christians, answered a letter from a Baptists of Danbury, Conn. The letter congratulated Jefferson on his election as president and expressed a concern that the government might restrict religious expression.

In Jefferson’s letter, dated Oct. 7, 1801, years after the 1st Amendment was adopted, he thanked them for their kind prayers and he “assured them that their free exercise of religion was indeed an inalienable right and would not be meddled with by the government because there was a ‘wall of separation between church and state’ that would prevent government interference with nor hindering religious activities.”

This is a clear indication that religion was to be protected from the government, not the other way around.

The courts have drifted far from Jefferson’s and other’s original intent, actually reversing the intention of the Constitution and the 1st Amendment. The progressives have gone so far as to allow the teaching of Mohammed in their classroom, including the wearing of burkhas and other traditional Muslim attire, while totally removing any mention, teaching or discussion of Christian denominations. This action is not only contrary to the intent of the Constitution, but ironically favors one religion over another.

The court has gone so far as to declare “atheism” a religion, and has taken that “religion’s” position over the freedom of Christian religious expression.

This is also an ironic twist. It has even interpreted this doctrine, based on its false premise, to remove organizations,such as the Boy Scouts from meeting in churches and has forced the removal of the Ten Commandments from school classrooms and public display. After all, “thou shalt not kill” is dangerous and subversive talk to a progressive.

The 1st Amendment was never intended to be used to secularize America, but as a tool to protect religious expression. Just the opposite has happened. Since the Warren court’s decision, public records have shown the effects on the moral fiber of America: crime, abortions, unwed mothers, unmarried cohabitating, sexually transmitted diseases, and divorce have all increased by huge percentages since 1962.

What was the purpose of this action? Progressives, since the time of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, have long prepared to destroy the principles of our founding fathers and the religious morality of our Judeo-Christian nation.

In order to control the people, they must first destroy what the people’s beliefs system, the people’s trust in capitalistic economy, the pride in our country, and faith in our religions, traditions, and institutions.

They then can first secularize, then socialize America and ultimately force a surrender to a global allegiance. Under the present administration in Washington, the progressives are making great strides toward these goals

They are taxing and spending America into bankruptcy, dismantling and avoiding the Constitution, and even considering selling our sovereign wildlife areas and national parks to the United Nations, a morally and monetarily bankrupt and progressive organization.

Think about it.

Dick Gustafson is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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