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Vail Valley Voices: Home during Mom’s hut trip with the little ones

Matt ZalaznickVail, CO,

Not sure which was more adventurous a hut-trip in a late spring blizzard or staying home for the weekend with two toddlers, ages almost 3 and 1.OK, the mother-in-law was here to help. But the littler sister had barely weaned and we were all worried there would some sort of milk crisis that would require sending Vail Mountain Rescue out into the wilderness with an emergency breast pump to find mommy and bring back the white stuff.And I dont mean snow.The littler sister didnt flip out but took more passive revenge by staying up two hours past her bed time and she didnt scream or wail, either. She just waddled around, looking adorable, saying, Ball, ball, ball. And since Daddy had been at work all day, he was more than sort-of-pleased to spend some quality, exhausted time reading Bear Learns to Cuddle book 86 times in a row. By morning, Mommy was probably kicking back in the middle of nowhere, drinking whatever people on hut trips drink, while we down in civilization readied to go to the Avon pool. Going to the pool with two toddlers isnt as simple as putting on some bathing suits and grabbing some towels. Its like . … preparing for a hut trip. You need all sorts of emergency supplies to ensure your survival. To take two toddlers to the pool even a pool thats only five miles away you need a hut-trips-worth of supplies, including: bathing suits (duh), towels (of course), two-three changes of clothes plus extra layers if its cold out, extra swim diapers, additional extra swim diapers, ear plugs for the toddler who gets swimmers ear every few weeks, extra ear plugs for the toddler who gets swimmers ear every few weeks, four bottles of SPF1200 sunscreen (even if its an inside pool, you never know), pool toys that your toddlers will ignore when they see what the other toddlers have brought to the pool (which means when youre ready to leave youll have to rip your toys out of the hands of the toddlers who are sharing them), and a duffel bag full of snacks including but not limited to: 3 gallons of milk per toddler 2.5 liters of juice per toddler A dozen bananas 50 goldfish crackers per toddler (25 plain, 25 pretzel) 18 cheese sticks (per toddler); 28 if you expect toddlers friends to also be at pool 1 lb. raisins per every 10 pounds each toddler weights 4 bagels per toddler 5 times as much cream cheese as each bagel because toddlers will lick off cream cheese over and over without eating any bagel More bagels, because when toddler decides they want a bagel they may not want the slobbery, cream-cheesey one 30 more cheese sticks Industrial-size tubs of: apple sauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, regular Cheerios, fruit-flavored Cheerios, dried fruit, tapioca, chicken-noodle soup, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, grape jam, boysenberry jam, service berry jam, oatmeal, macaroni & cheese …Dont forget to actually go swimming once you get to the pool. The good thing about swimming is it really wears a toddler out, unless it doesnt, in which case it serves the purpose of wearing you out. Which means youll have the rest of a day to plan with a wide-awake toddler and an exhausted daddy.And because this particular hut trip took place during mud season, the mountain was closed, the snow was mostly melted in the valley, we couldnt go sledding or have snowball fights or and this is a game thats fun at our house drop the toddler in, say, two feet of snow about 100 yards from the house and see how long it takes her to get back to the front door.But for tips on what to do thats not outdoors, tune in t for part two of Home for the Hut Trip.Managing Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at or 970-748-2926.

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