Vail Valley Voices: Hospital considers the future |

Vail Valley Voices: Hospital considers the future

John A. CassinVail, CO,

After eight months as the chief executive officer of the Vail Valley Medical Center, I have seen much that reaffirms my belief that I am fortunate to have the honor of serving what is arguably one of the premier community hospitals in the country. Having most recently served on the senior leadership team that created the Anschutz Center in East Denver, I have marveled at the resources that Vail Valley Medical Center offers to this community and how this esteemed institution is a part of the tremendous bedrock that makes Vail such a special place. Through months of getting to know both the institution and the community, I have learned that there is a tremendous amount of information and conjecture relative to our hospital. I would like to take this moment to begin a continuing public dialogue focused on the growth and vision of the medical center.Our primary mission is to provide the highest level of care to our patients in a world-class environment. This mission requires unparalleled service standards for our community and our patients. We realize that we have to change and grow to accommodate the various demographic shifts occurring in our community. We also know that we must provide strong fiscal stewardship for all of our stakeholders. That stewardship presents options and decisions for us to make. One of the first presented relates to our physical space. While the medical center is iconic in the heart of Vail Village and at the base of the ski slopes, we realize that our community base is spreading geographically. We are working in collaboration with health-care experts to assess the economics and logistics of where we, as an institution, can best serve the community. As we assess potential options, I can assure you that our decision will be measured, considerate and deliberate to reflect the best interests of all the stakeholders across the community. As we think beyond the physical space considerations, we also have to think about the strengths and challenges confronting the medical center. Taking inventory of our strengths, we have already demonstrated excellence in the following areas: n Orthopedics (complex care)n Trauma Servicesn Oncologyn Women & Childrens n Cardiologyn Other General Surgical CareWe will keep dialogue open as we consider our options for continued growth and building upon our reputation for excellence in health care. We believe key partnerships are necessary to achieving our vision and we are actively engaged in discussions with our affiliated medical group partners and community stakeholders. Quality health care is one of the most important elements of our lives and we are fortunate to live in a magnificent environment that provides such care. With this good fortune, we are challenged to perpetuate our legacy of improving quality health care for our community, our children, and for generations to come. I look forward to working with you in the coming months to collectively meet that challenge.John A. Cassin is the chief executive officer of the Vail Valley Medical Center

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