Vail Valley Voices: In Eagle, it’s all about communication |

Vail Valley Voices: In Eagle, it’s all about communication

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO, Colorado

Sometimes, being a trustee in Eagle includes busy weeks. Last week was certainly so, as there was a regular Town Board meeting, a Ready, Set, Go! presentation and the board retreat held every two years after an election.

The regular meeting started out with public comment as usual. So far for the new board, there has been a steady stream of involved residents, and this go-round included a recap of Eagle Flight Days, along with an approved $500 request for the Eagle Chamber’s event on July 28: Colorado Wildfire Relief (www.townof calendar).

The reasonably attended meeting once again went past 10 o’clock and included the Haymeadow land-use file, paying the bills and a 7-0 approval on the special-use permit renewal for Sweet Leaf Pioneer. One item tabled until the next meeting was the marijuana licensing, including location and fees required by the state that have been out of date since the special election in January.

What was not out of date was the timely Ready, Set, Go! ( presentation at Brush Creek Pavilion hosted by several local agencies, including Eagle’s police department. This effort is one reason why we enjoy such a high quality of life. It was an informative evening with great door prizes, such as duct tape to help prepare local residents for emergency evacuation.

The day and a half retreat at Sylvan Lake State Park was to address the board dynamics, understand roles and responsibilities, review accomplishments from the past two years, discuss key issues, set goals for moving forward and keep our sense of humor.

Given the past few months in Eagle, the latter has certainly been challenging for the staff, board and residents in our community. Throughout the retreat, which included the town manager the whole time, department heads for half of a day and the town clerk for two sessions, there was discussion, agreement on our dysfunction, ways to improve that dysfunction and thoughts on specific goals and issues facing the town.

One of the biggest issues coming up is replacing the retiring (in the next one to two years) town clerk and town manager, who have served the community for 37 years and 28 years, respectively.

Communication with the community always seems to be a topic, and because of Eagle River Station’s status (on hold waiting the developer’s move), this year was no exception.

And even though communication is something everyone agrees needs improvement, doing so via my blog and this column does not seem to be anyone else’s choice of delivery since it is, of course, only my viewpoint on what transpires on behalf of the taxpayers.

If you want to see what transpires at 200 Broadway, come visit us at 6 p.m. July 24. It was agreed upon that our agendas should have times listed for each topic. So even if you can’t make it for the start, pick another topic and come spend some time with those elected to serve your community.

Brandi Resa is a member of the Eagle Town Board. She blogs about her experience at http://www.brandionboard.word Her opinions are her own and do not reflect board positions.

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