Vail Valley Voices: Little interest in big development? |

Vail Valley Voices: Little interest in big development?

As I sit at Eagle Town Hall with little or no company, I wonder why that is, especially considering there are two land use files currently being reviewed that will impact the next 20-30 years in Eagle.

Is it because citizens don’t care? Is it because they elected leaders to make decisions for them? Is it because they do not think the leaders are listening, as evidenced by the last two referendums? I am not sure and unfortunately, I do not think I will have answers to these questions any time in the near future.

I am sure no one will ever have answers to why young Taft Conlin was taken from our community. This terrible accident clearly had an impact on those at Town Hall, as was felt during the moment of silence at the beginning of the meeting.

After considering how such a promising future was cut short, it is hard to concentrate on anything, yet alone a project of 979 homes to be built over the next 30 years.

However, that is what the board had to do with the first presentation of the Haymeadow project. The presentation was a simple overview of the sketch plan.

There were a few questions, including Trustee Kinney asking the developer why after seven years of waiting, they didn’t wait another two months to present their project when a new board will be elected in April. (The mayor’s seat and three trustee spots are up for grabs on April 3).

There was not much public comment, except for one resident asking the board to consider the county and Division of Parks and Wildlife comments, as she thought these were pretty powerful points. The lack of public comment could have been because it seemed from the agenda and from the understanding of staff that public comment would not be allowed for the first hearing.

If approved, the Haymeadow project of 979 homes will no doubt have an impact on this community.

And hopefully the seven-member marketing committee appointed by the board on this evening can direct the use of the lodging tax to have an impact on the tax coffers of Eagle.

While the goal of the marketing funds will be to have an increase of visitor dollars, staff member Deron Dircksen wants the town to have a goal to decrease the amount of solid waste.

At the conclusion of the solid waste reduction information presented by staff, the county, and the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability (, the board went into executive session.

I went into the hall with my camera, as well as my bags because the board has seen the movie, “The Girl with a Dragon Tatoo.”

There wasn’t much discussion after the executive session except for a request for doubling the amount of money for Project Graduation and a directive to the staff to make Habitat for Humanity improve the look of the recently built sheds.

This final discussion did bring me full circle to more pondering. Although Eagle River Station was not discussed this evening, I wonder how if someone like Habitat for Humanity isn’t doing as the town wishes, how will the town be able to enforce their wishes on a developer like Red Development if the PUD guide is not air tight?

Hopefully, the next meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 1, will provide answers to my and other citizens’ questions on all things Eagle.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle resident.

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