Vail Valley Voices: Lots done in a short Eagle Town Board session |

Vail Valley Voices: Lots done in a short Eagle Town Board session

Although the most recent town of Eagle Trustee meeting lasted less than one hour, it was still productive.

This meeting was not one that most would find sexy but seven ordinances, one intergovernmental agreement, and one resolution were passed with some discussion. The 2011 budget was the resolution that was approved.

Of course Eagle is facing the same challenges as quite a lot of other communities across the country. But looking at the positive, I think Eagle is holding its own.

We definitely need to increase our revenue sources. But because our commercial growth did not explode during the boom, we did not have a dramatic decrease during the crash.

One ordinance that was passed was exciting even though it could be a stretch to call waste exciting. There will be a $1.2 million construction project in Eagle for much-needed repair to wastewater lines in the downtown area.

I understood that normal lines are flushed every three years, but these lines are being flushed every three months.

Hopefully, the town can find some local contractors to do the work, as local money spent pays back through a multiplier effect more than paying outside contractors. And if we as a town cannot find a way to hire local contractors, how in the world can we expect any outside developer to do so?

So if you are a contractor here in Eagle and want to ask the town to hire local or you just need something to do during the holiday season, the next trustee meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 14.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle resident.

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