Vail Valley Voices: Marxists came up with P.C. |

Vail Valley Voices: Marxists came up with P.C.

Darryl Bangert
Vail, CO, Colorado

What is political correctness?

Noun: marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving race, gender, sexual affinity or ecology.

It seems as if it is a recent term espousing a new “enlightened” cultural awareness. It is not. It was founded in1923 by a group of Marxists who wanted to advance cultural Marxism through the Frankfurt School in Germany. It has morphed into the term “multiculturalism.”

What? This is that old and based on communist ideology? You must be a conspiracy-theory fruitcake!

I wish I were only joking. I have just started to research the analysis of this and suggest you go to the Internet and do the same.

Bill Lind, Linda Kimball and Philip Atkinson are academics who study societies. Google them!

The founders of this Frankfurt School moved to America in the ’30s because they were Jewish and German and were instrumental in bringing this ideology here.

Unfortunately, the idea behind P.C. is to denounce anyone who is willing to take a stand for traditional values of right and wrong. The goal is to undermine traditional families and values and replace them with a new social order. Common sense is out the window, and persecution replaces dialogue and freedom of speech. It is easy to condemn anyone from the politically correct side of any argument.

“The strong suggestion here is that in order for one not to be thought of as racist or fascist, then one must not only be nonjudgmental but also must embrace the ‘new’ moral absolutes,” as written by Linda Kimball.

That is what has been bothering me. I feel as though I must rethink my entire value system in order to be P.C., and that is just wrong. If I take any stand, I must not be caring enough not to offend anyone.

What are the values of political correctness? You have to go back to Marx. No absolutes, everything is subjective, everyone is right, and the proletariat (working class) should rule, not the capitalists (owners of the business). Oh, and there is no God.

What are the traditional values based upon? There is a divine right and wrong. Ten Commandments. Kind of obvious stuff like thou shall not kill or covet, and honor your


P.C. certainly does not honor the values of the elders.

The pursuit of happiness as listed in the Declaration of Independence is based on the idea that these pursuits are man’s God-given right, superseding the king usurping those rights. Therefore, the colonies were ready to go to war and die for this concept of unalienable rights, and they did both!

The judge at the Nuremburg war trials stated that the divine value of life supersedes any state authority, therefore eliminating the argument “We were just following orders” from the war criminals.

Human societies must base their laws on the divine and not varying cultural norms.

P.C. is an old movement using new terms to subvert our most basic common-sense value systems in the name of being “fair.” P.C. seeks to rule the majority through blatant tactics of criticism as the people who take a stand are somehow evil.

Read the articles. The information in them should wake you up and scare you.

If you feel the need to refute my statements, go for it, but read your history first.

My favorite definition of P.C. goes something like this as written by a guy from Texas: “Political correctness is a left-wing philosophy that has been rabidly promoted by a liberal media that holds to the tenet that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Darryl Bangert is the co-owner of Sage Outdoor Adventures, offering guided raft, snowmobile and various other forms of outdoor recreation with different organizations for 34 years in the Vail Valley.

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