Vail Valley Voices: Minturn honors volunteers |

Vail Valley Voices: Minturn honors volunteers

Jodi Jahrling
Vail, CO, Colorado

You may have noticed a lot more happening in Minturn and a renewed sense of community among the local residents. None of the events or activities would be possible without volunteers.

With the help of the town of Minturn and Minturn Community Fund, volunteers who helped this year were honored with an appreciation dinner at the Minturn Saloon.

With nearly 50 in attendance, five of the volunteers were given special award recognition, including the 2011 Volunteer of the Year:

Best Fictional Volunteer Award for volunteering in a really hot bear costume: Sage Pierson as Sticky the Bear.

Community Award for bringing the most community members together in one place: Karen Funelle-Harkins.

Battle Wound Award for sacrificing the body for the greater good: Tim Osborne.

Don’t Tell Anyone I’m Helping Award for doing so much and not expecting any recognition: Andy Kaufman.

The Volunteer of the Year: This person, lucky for us, has a hard time saying no. For Mini Music Makers Club at Minturn Music, she agreed to lead a singalong with kids of all ages and took the extra step of including a musical craft.

Of course, the largest part of her time was taking the lead on an entire summer concert series. Securing musicians, sound and monetary support and MCing the event each week to boot. The series turned out to be one of our most successful events of the year.

If you’ve had the pleasure to know her, you’ll also learn that she is a great friend, not hesitating to help even while balancing her own large, beautiful family.

The 2011 Volunteer of the Year is Terry Armistead.

Jodi Jahrling is the executive director of the Minturn Community Fund.

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