Vail Valley Voices: Moment of courage |

Vail Valley Voices: Moment of courage

John Horan-Kates
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from John Horan-Kates’ book “The Keys of Leading.” Horan-Kates is the executive director of the Vail Leadership Institute. The questions are intended to be answered in journal form.

“Courage is that rare moment of unity between conscience, fear and action, when something deep within us strikes the flint of love, of honor, of duty, to make the spark that fires our resolve.”

John McCain

This long-standing public servant has had his convictions tested many times, in captivity and in Congress. As a result, his courage is widely appreciated.

Sometimes that rare moment he talks about comes upon you immediately in the face of danger or an unexpected comment. Sometimes you need to stew on a challenge overnight or even for weeks. Either way, something deep inside tells you what to do. That something is the combination of your values and beliefs, together with your sense of responsibility that moves you to action. Taking that step into the unknown is having the courage of your convictions.

Today’s journal

What are your most important convictions?

Action step

What one thing will you do today about these thoughts?

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