Vail Valley Voices: More riveting than TV |

Vail Valley Voices: More riveting than TV

Brandi Resa
Vail Valley Voices

As I headed to the first town meeting in weeks on a cold evening, I was happy to find a few moments beforehand to stop at Paradigms for a nice, hot cup of tea. I do find the town-meeting process riveting, but it never hurts to have some caffeine just in case. This was one evening I would not need the extra jolt as the discussion was unexpectedly involved.

First, during public comment, a local resident was questioning a previously approved special-use permit because of specific violations of the agreement. Next, the Discovery (Day Care) School seemed an innocent agenda item, but it turned out to be a lengthy discussion of a shared driveway, the safety of children and how long it takes for a car unloading to become a parked car. Many residents who could not attend in person did request their letters to be part of the public record, and there were several who did attend. Unfortunately, after over one hour of applicant and public comment along with board discussion, there was no resolution because it was a 3-3 vote. Fortunately, though, for the applicant, it was not an outright denial. And after another 20 minutes of discussion, the file was continued to the first February meeting with the proposal of not using the shared driveway and only unloading the kids in the street.

There were some small administration items handled before open discussion. The open discussion involved a couple of major issues for the town. It seems the board is ready to revisit the policy on medical marijuana given the approaching renewal of the special-use permit for the dispensary in town. The staff is writing up a resolution to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in Eagle to be voted on at a meeting in the near future.

The board also seems ready to make quite a lot of effort toward the recreation opportunities in Eagle, and it was awesome from my point of view to hear a creative approach mentioned for funding these efforts.

The mayor also indicated the board should get out of the business of being the mediator between neighbors as this was one of several meetings where it seems the board is there to resolve disputes instead of setting the policy and direction for the town.

On the way home while reflecting on the more than three hours spent at Town Hall, I was not energized from the proceedings, but I was still convinced it was better than anything I could have watched on TV.

Come check out the next meeting of the Board of Trustees, which is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 p.m.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

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