Vail Valley Voices: More than ERS happening in Eagle |

Vail Valley Voices: More than ERS happening in Eagle

It is unfortunate that Eagle River Station is still the focus of the town of Eagle, and probably a reason why so many choose not to show up at meetings, because there are some positives happening.

To start, there is progress on improvements to Eby Creek Road. The Colorado Department of Transportation and Eagle’s town engineer provided the beginning of a plan to make that happen and needed the Town Board’s permission to move forward at the latest board meeting.

The board gave its OK on that, as well as on a special event liquor license for the Porchlight Players’ dinner theater, “I love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” This is the second year for the show, which was brought back by popular demand and provides the community with a chance to see great live theater. Check out the details at

There was a renewal of Gourmet China’s liquor license, in addition to the annual requirement of designating a place for the posting of public meetings.

John Staight, the new open space coordinator, seemed to impress the board and audience with his presentation on the town’s comments on the BLM’s Resource Management Plan. With a 4-3 vote on the preferred designation, it appears the town is moving forward with exploring utilizing the great trails and open space as one way to attract visitors.

Although as an accountant, I love paying bills, the monthly motion to do so usually only generates a couple of comments, if any. That, of course, is not the case with Eagle River Station, which is an issue that seems to have worn out all sides as a topic of discussion but that can still generate comments.

This evening’s presentation by the developer was no exception. One citizen questioned if the traffic study really concluded that 20 percent of the people living in the center were not counted in the traffic numbers since they won’t leave the development, as they will live, work and play there. It was also asked if Eagle is considered a high-density urban area, since the developer stated more than once that the housing component as proposed in ERS 2.0 works really well in high-density urban areas.

During open discussion, the board learned it will have to deal a bit more with the issue of medical marijuana. Since the voters kept Sweet Leaf Pioneer in business, regulations will need finalized at a future meeting, according to the town’s attorney.

As we move towards the conclusion of the ERS 2.0 hearings and the April election in which four seats are up for grabs, I hope people will once again considering coming to meetings (or watching the meetings by going to, as there are some great things happening in Eagle.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle resident.

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