Vail Valley Voices: Planner not qualified for Eagle’s planning commission? |

Vail Valley Voices: Planner not qualified for Eagle’s planning commission?

Brandi ResaVail, CO, Colorado

Sitting at the front of the room (instead of in the audience) doesn’t remove the confusion one experiences at Eagle Town Hall. I’m still trying to figure out how a professional planner is given no consideration for the Planning and Zoning Commission because, well, she is a professional planner. It seems to the majority of the Town Board that if you have received an education in planning and if you maintained your accreditation with the American Institute of Certified Planners (does town staff do the same?), you are too qualified (too qualified!) to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission. And if you served 10 years on the Eagle County Planning Commission, including two as the chairman, you do not even warrant a discussion. Amazingly, there were eight candidates vying for these coveted spots. Even though I hold nothing against those who were chosen, I’m not sure I can grasp the concept of not wanting someone who is a certified planner to help with planning.It does not seem that many in the public can grasp the concept of meetings that go for five hours plus, as by the end of the night the room had once again emptied. This was always disappointing to me sitting alone in the audience and now even more so sitting up front. We are not doing something right with setting the agenda, running the meeting or getting off track if at each meeting those who are interested in what is happening at 200 Broadway tire out before some great things are discussed. And we (and the previous Town Board) sometimes have to table discussion simply because we are worried about turning into that pumpkin at midnight.This was the case once again on last Tuesday evening. There were several liquor licenses that took an inordinate amount of time, an informative visit from the Eagle Cemetery District, a donation request from the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo (, the land use file that not many in town seem to show up for, and the launch of the new website There was also a contract awarded for the Grand Avenue improvement project west of Eagle, paying the bills, and some open discussion about following up on issues related to town-provided money or services at events like the Get Out Expo. But mostly, for this trustee, there was disappointment in the failure to have citizens who made great effort to show up not to be able to hear “this meeting is adjourned.” Hopefully people will try again at the next meeting on June 26 at 6 p.m. See ya’ll at Town Hall.Brandi Resa is an Eagle Town Board member. Her opinions are her own.

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