Vail Valley Voices: Pot issue difficult for Eagle |

Vail Valley Voices: Pot issue difficult for Eagle

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO, Colorado

I find it interesting that marijuana seems to elicit such passionate feelings from the community, and the referendum earlier in the year was fairly involved. But when it came time for input regarding the regulation of that same business, the public was silent, less one member and the current owners of the only marijuana dispensary in town.

The Town Board was nearly silent, as well, since there were almost not enough trustees for a quorum. Two were absent, and one abstained from the discussion without referencing why. The four of us still at the front spent nearly two hours blowing the time estimate (I think so, anyway, as honestly, time was lost) going through 19 pages related to the licensing of the business.

In the end, the result seemed solid, and there will be only one business allowed until the population in Eagle reaches 10,000.

Besides the marijuana issue, there was public comment that took up almost an hour.

First up was district attorney candidate Bruce Brown ( introducing himself.

Next was an FYI presentation on a proposal to improve the Eagle County Fairgrounds to attract horse shows. The mayor and Trustee Turnipseed vocalized excitement about the possibility, although the fate of this project seems to lie with the county commissioners when they review the 2013 budget.

The town requested an update on the farmers market, which was provided by KZYR, which took it over this year. In 2012, it moved to Eagle Ranch, but it seems it will move again – this time away, as KZYR did not see it coming back in 2013. There was discussion and questions related to the viability of a market in Eagle, especially on Friday nights, along with the challenges faced this summer.

A liquor license renewal passed with no issues, which made the Pastatively owner in attendance happy.

Although this probably isn’t typically exciting, it seemed the extension of the CenturyLink cable systems franchise agreement through February 2013 will be a great thing for Eagle. This agreement will give a good chance to the company approving a project that will improve bandwidth, among other things, the first of its kind in a community with less than 10,000 people. The representative at the meeting, who graciously sat through the marijuana discussion, seemed optimistic and excited about this project for our community.

The next ordinance was not approved, since it related to attempting to enforce people’s trash habits. The goal of this was to decrease bear activity in town, but given the probability of excessive staff time issuing fines and writing warnings, the board preferred to go the route of an education campaign first.

Also not approved was the Eagle County memo of understanding for the jointly purchased parcel 111 Violet Lane. Nobody seemed to think the agreement made a lot of sense, and it needed to be more equitable and specific than was written.

Staff presented sales tax numbers for the second quarter (down slightly but with a cover memo stating some delays in reporting), along with the Eagle Information Center financials (the town took over the center from the Eagle Chamber in January). The numbers did not seem complete to this trustee, and I’ve asked for details to clarify what I am missing.

The goal-setting session recap was tabled until a future work session to ensure we can give it the proper attention, since it is important direction for the board for the next two to three years.

Given the lateness of the hour, the open discussion did not last long. There was a request to hear about the mayor’s trip to visit RED Development in Kansas City, a thank-you to staff for two-sided copies in the board packet and a request for more cover memos, as was done with the sales tax, to decrease the questions at the beginning of each item since our agendas will only become more full.

On this particular night, an executive session regarding personnel took additional time, pushing the meeting past 11 p.m.

If you are curious as to what will happen next at 200 Broadway, or better yet, if you’d like to use your last chance for public comment on the Haymeadow sketch plan review, the next meeting is today at 6 p.m.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle trustee maneuvering through her first political appointment. She writes about her experience at http://www.brandi She does not speak for the full Town Board.

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