Vail Valley Voices: RED among the best |

Vail Valley Voices: RED among the best

Ed Woodland and Kraige Kinney
Vail, CO, Colorado

During the past eight years, we have had the opportunity to meet with a variety of developers, business owners and corporate representatives.

During that time frame, we have never met more honest, ethical, trustworthy people than the developers associated with RED Development.

They are principled people whose word is their bond, and we both admire and respect those qualities.

Their actions and their words coincide, which is one of the reasons they are considered one of the best retail developers in the country.

As part of the review process for Eagle River Station, an independent consultant hired by the town of Eagle discovered that City Market was interested in expanding its current store from 38,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet.

City Market is unable to expand at its current location, and due to inadequate infrastructure, it is unable to build a store that size anywhere else in Eagle.

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As the City Market representative stated at a recent Town Board meeting, and as past actions by City Market of moving a store from Silverthorne to Dillon have demonstrated (1997), “business is business.”

City Market will make a business decision related to the size of its store. One of the criteria that City Market stated as a reason for remaining in Eagle is our larger population size.

The 2010 Census lists Eagle with a population of 6,496, while Gypsum had a population of 6,483. That information, coupled with the approved but unbuilt residential units of nearly 2,000 for Gypsum while Eagle has just fewer than 380 unbuilt but approved units, would cause any rational person to suspect that City Market would seriously consider relocating its store.

Numerous other businesses that once called Eagle home have done just that, such as Grand Junction Pipe, Santa Fe Furniture Co., ACE Roofing, to name a few.

One of the many advantages of ERS is it gives the town of Eagle the opportunity and the money to upgrade infrastructure so that there are a variety of locations where City Market could relocate and build a 60,000-square-foot store.

With the added revenue associated with ERS, the town could start a small-business incubator to both attract near businesses and foster growth of small businesses within our community.

It could provide incentives and tax breaks for businesses to come to our community.

It could incorporate true green initiatives toward making our community the renewable, sustainable capitol of Eagle County.

It could truly provide a shotgun approach to enhance our recreation, tourism, retail and other amenities that would draw more visitors to our community and continue to make this the best small town in Colorado.

Please vote “yes” on May 22.

Former Mayor Ed Woodland and Trustee Kraige Kinney were members of the Eagle Town Board that approved the planned Eagle River Station and set the referendum for May 22.