Vail Valley Voices: School construction progressing |

Vail Valley Voices: School construction progressing

Sandra B. Smyser
Vail, CO, Colorado

While it is hard to say what impact the uncertain future of the economy will have on the world of education, the Eagle County School District remains committed to delivering the best possible education to our students. Now more than ever, we are reminded that education is at the core of economic progress. Maintaining a culture that values education is critically important to the current and future condition of our local, state and national economy.

In order to uphold our commitment to our mission of educating every student for success, we continue to move forward with current initiatives and projects. Also, as the second-largest employer in the valley, the school district is working diligently to attempt to maintain jobs and provide work to local companies during this recession. To accomplish this, we are trying to accelerate the time line for a few of the smaller projects that were originally scheduled for summer 2010. A total of eight projects that come from either bond or capital reserve dollars will begin this summer, and we feel that it is important to keep the community informed of the progress of our efforts.

As always, the Eagle County School District would like to take the opportunity to thank Eagle County community members who were in full support of the $128 million bond that was passed in 2006. The following is a construction, buildings and grounds update:

Brush Creek Elementary

Brush Creek has reached capacity due to the fact that the facility not only accommodates children in kindergarten through fifth grade but preschool-age children as well. The Board of Education has approved moving forward with an add-on to the second floor of the education wing, which will accommodate an additional 50 children. After sending out requests for proposals to contractors statewide and going through a rigorous bidding process, Evans Chaffee Construction Group is the successful bidder. Not only is Evans Chaffee Construction Group a well-respected, well-known contractor, the fact that it is a local company allows the school district to provide additional work to residents in the valley. Bids from subcontractors who will assist with the expansion at Brush Creek will be received through the end of March by Evans Chaffee Construction Group.

The new addition to Brush Creek

Elementary School is on the horizon this summer in order to accommodate anticipated growth and provide additional work for the current calendar year.

New Battle Mountain High School

Site work is about 80 percent complete, and overall construction is proceeding on the project with the following items of interest: Wood-flooring installation will begin in the next two weeks, and equipment installation is under way in the gymnasium. In addition, concrete placement in the courtyard is complete, mechanical, electrical and fire-sprinkler rough-in is ongoing, ceiling framing is 25 percent complete, and carpet installation continues. Insulation and drywall is 80 percent complete, interior masonry walls are 100 percent complete, and interior glazing and painting are ongoing. The anticipated completion date is fall 2009.

Eagle Valley High School

Overall design and construction are proceeding on the project with the following items of interest: Auditorium structural work continues with drywall finishing under way and storefront installation ongoing, gym specialties are scheduled for April with flooring and bleachers continuing into May, and the kitchen-commons area and greenhouse mechanical are both complete. All roofing is 95 percent complete, and the interior framing and interior masonry are ongoing. In addition, the exterior masonry in the technology area is complete.

In the commons area, drywall, insulation and storefront began last month. Impressively, the bulk of this project began in summer 2008, with an anticipated completion date of fall 2009.

Notably, Battle Mountain High School and Eagle Valley High School will both start on Sept. 21 and end on June 4, 2010. The schools will have a few more hours in the day to ensure the same amount of instructional time.

To access the 2009-10 school-year calendar for both high schools, visit our Web site at and search “high school calendar.”

Sandra B. Smyser is the superintendent of the Eagle County School District.

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