Vail Valley Voices: Spinning like a top, at the top |

Vail Valley Voices: Spinning like a top, at the top

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

The president is a master of spin.

First: Obama’s position on same sex marriages is volatile. Politically expediency causes him to switch from pro to against same sex marriages, He now returns to his original position for single sex marriage. If a Republican official did the same, he’d be a “flip-flopper.” Obama’s flip-flop is called “evolving.” The hypocrisy is disgusting.

Second: Whenever the unemployment percentage reduces, he claims success. Any fool knows a down trend can result from the unemployed leaving the job market or are under-employed. The reduction of unemployed in the market changes the formula. The actual U.S. unemployment rate is actually between 12 percent and 14 percent, or even higher.

Obama denies the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, and 100,000 new private sector jobs become ransom for his environmental constituency votes. (Some estimate 500,000 jobs are at stake.)

Obama has created new government jobs at taxpayer’s expense, increasing government and the national debt.

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Obama sends subsidies overseas, creating foreign jobs (i.e., Brazil). Obama promised billions for development of their offshore oil, saying, “We will be your best customer” — carbon emissions be damned (if you believe in that).

The only real job he wants to save is his own.

Third: Obama claims production of domestic oil increased more under his administration than the previous administration. That is true. However, he neglects to mention that he had nothing to do with it. Most of the oil being produced was on private land that was outside government control.

Most government production was approved by Bush. Obama denies production of oil and coal, supporting pet failed new energy projects such as Solyndra. Those grants (payback gifts) were to Obama’s campaign contributors.

Fourth: Obama’s surrogates work TV talk shows to attack Republicans, creating straw issues, such as phony wars on women, Hispanics, blacks, and challenges to the Catholic Church. I hope those victims can see through the deception.

Obama creates class warfare by wanting to tax the rich, blaming Republicans. He says his wealth redistribution is only fair. Amazingly, a 100 percent tax of the rich’s income would pay debt interest for a few days. This is a flagrant attempt to socialize America with an Obama dictatorship.

Worst of all, Obama creates those social diversions to divert attention away from the real issues — his performance record.

The Republicans’ issues should be:

1. Economics of the United States.

a. Obama doesn’t understand basic economics.

b. His spending obsession exploding the national debt.

c. His tax policy; i.e., raising taxes in a recession.

d. His “green” alternative fuels obsession at everyone’s expense.

e. The increasing food stamps promotions.

f. Broken promises to check each expense by “line item” and cut the National debt in half.

g. His impact on our credit rating.

h. His poor energy policy; i.e., destruction of the coal industry.

i. Lack of government waste oversight.

2. National defense:

a. His “off mike” apparent promise to the Russians an easier renegotiation of missile treaties after his “re-election” –a betrayal of America’s defense system.

b. His constant reprimanding Israel’s threat against Iran.

c. More concern about our enemies’ interest than America’s.

d. Constant reduction of defenses and weapons.

e. His failed strategy in Afghanistan (telegraphing military moves to the enemy).

3. Vetting Obama’s history:

a. Obama’s lack of leadership.

b. His constitutional hostility.

c. His former associations with socialists, Marxist, and terrorists.

d. His 90-plus fundraisers using Air Force One before announcing is official campaign, at taxpayers’ expense?

e. His education records; i.e., courses, scholarships and grade point average?

e. Evaluation of questionable book quotes.

f. Acceptance of a million dollar gift from Bill Maher.

4. Personal policies:

a. His failed jobs programs and stimulus programs creating few, if any new jobs.

b. His lack of control causing mismanagement of bailouts.

c. His out-of-control of government spending and salaries.

d. His alleged involvement in the fast and furious gun running.

e. His Justice Department controls; i.e, New Black Panther election intimidation.

f. His support of cap and trade, card check, global warming, and attacks on fossil fuels.

g. Paying off political fundraisers — i.e., Solyndra — while cutting coal.

h. Attacks on Wall Street, while receiving massive contributions and hiring many Wall-Streeters as White House administrators.

i. The honest quality of his false personal attack ads.

j. His lack of respect for the Constitution and church-and-state issues.

Just to mention just a few.

The only way you can tell when Obama is spinning is when his lips are moving.

Dick Gustafson, of Vail, is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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