Vail Valley Voices: The case for impeaching Obama |

Vail Valley Voices: The case for impeaching Obama

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Barack Obama is the first president to create a socialized medicine program and cram it down the throats of an unreceptive citizenry (except for those with their hands out for everything). You remember “Obamacare”? We were supposed to approve a rushed passage of it before we found out what was in it, to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi.

He is the first to attempt to violate workers’ privacy rights with “card check.”

He is the first to try to stop a company from choosing its own business location (Boeing to South Carolina). He is willing to sacrifice hundreds of jobs to shield one union for their votes in 2012.

He is the first to criticize and apologize for the U.S. and our allies, while praising our enemies, when speaking in enemy foreign countries.

He is the first president who wants to placate our enemies (who vow to destroy us) instead of “speaking softly and carrying a big stick.”

He is the first to try to control what we eat, how we live and what we drive.

He is the first to force bond holders of a company to give up their contractual rights to ownership to a government-selected owner, the United Auto Workers union (Chrysler).

He is the first to surround himself with known anti-Americans and admitted enemies of capitalism, such as Valerie Jarrett, Vance Jones and other self-professed socialists and maoists.

He is the first to violate the Constitution of the United States by appointing multiple czars, thus avoiding congressional approval.

He is the first who appears to want open borders and who attacks those states for passing immigration laws demanding enforcement of ignored, existing, federal laws.

He is the first to attempt to nationalize the power grid with “cap and trade,” which would cause a substantial rise in energy costs to all (a hidden tax to support more spending).

He is apparently the first president who doesn’t understand that raising taxes on corporations is the same as raising taxes on everyone, even those who pay no income taxes. (Corporations just pass taxes on to consumers through price increases and/or they reduce dividends to stockholders.)

He is the first president who hides under his desk, avoiding making commitments (i.e., he offered no written debt position for negotiation, nor submitted an acceptable budget to the Senate for more than 800 days). When he is not avoiding responsibility, he is blaming someone else for his ineptness. Where does the buck stop, Mr. President? He certainly is no Harry Truman when it comes to leadership.

He has had more than three times the number of fundraisers than any predecessor in the same period of time. He’d rather talk than administer.

He is the first to be sucked into Al Gore’s global-warming hoax. The current continuing resolution “budget” is full of climate-change initiatives and alternative-fuel research expenditures.

He was the first to stop oil exploration in the U.S., killing an opportunity to create millions of jobs that would also help our country to become energy self-sufficient.

He is the first to increase the national debt to more than 70 percent of our gross national product, and he doubled the debt of his predecessor (whose accomplishments were not to be praised, either).

He is the first to want to repeat a failed Keynesian theory and raise taxes and spend our way out of the recession with another borrowed stimulus, called “investments.” The term “investment” is code for increased spending. This means more debt and higher taxes on the only ones who are paying taxes now. So far, all previous stimuli have failed, two under this president, one under Bush, plus those under President Roosevelt in the 1930s.

And now, the piece de resistance, he is the first president to cause America’s AAA credit rating to be lowered.

He is known for other firsts, too, but there is no need to give self-righteous progressives an excuse to recite the left’s favorite mantra and raise the race card to attack anyone who points out Obama’s failures.

And finally, he should be the first president to be impeached by the House of Representatives and removed from office by the Senate. The problem is, the vice president is a buffoon and would need to be removed, also.

If the above are not good reasons to get rid of this president and his court jester, there is little hope for the future of this grand experiment, the United States of America.

Dick Gustafson is a former Eagle County


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