Vail Valley Voices: They’re all mad here |

Vail Valley Voices: They’re all mad here

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

A musical of Lewis Carroll’s bizarre “Alice in Wonderland” includes a song appropriate for the President and the Congress. The lyrics are:

“I’m mad, you’re mad, we’re all mad here.

It’s a fad for many a year!

If you think we’re crazy, my dear,

you’re right, ’cause I’m mad,

you’re mad, we’re all mad here.”

Here are some examples of the madness:

n Cap and trade: The largest tax increase bill in history on energy was recently passed by House of Representatives based on questionable, if not flawed, scientific global warming research.

n Card check: Abolishing workers’ secret union ballots was recently shelved by Congress. It will return with a more deceptive title.

n Socialized health care: With potentially record costs (and taxes), where bureaucrats control patient’s treatment and decide who lives or dies, patterned after other failed socialized systems. (Seniors, wake up! This means you).

n Amnesty for illegal aliens while ignoring border controls.

n Government stimulus programs that don’t simulate jobs but give billions to organizations like ACORN with no spending oversight.

n Government takeovers of the auto, banking, brokerage, and insurance industries, with more to come (some under union control).

n Reducing defense funding and the number of missile defense weapons just as North Korea and Iran become serious threats;

n The president has said that the “Constitution is an obstacle,” so he ignores it. The multiple “czars” is one example. Where are the checks and balances?

n Negotiating with enemies sworn to wipe us off the map.

n Closing Gitmo will force terrorist into our court system and thus grant enemy combatants constitutional rights reserved for U.S. citizens.

n Presidential criticism of our friends, while apologizing to our enemies for our successes, lifestyle and rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

n Congress voting on health and energy bills they haven’t read nor understand. (The deaf and dumb leading the blind.)

n Proposing taxes on soft drinks, wine and beer.

n The Fairness Doctrine will control free speech by limiting radio station’s programming. A radical effort to silence decent from those with opposing opinions.

Inspector General Neil Barofsky reported that the stimulus bill alone could cost taxpayers up to $23,700,000,000,000 (trillions). This was ignored by the treasury secretary. Setting artificial deadlines and rushing bills through an ignorant Congress will raise taxes, reduce freedoms, reduce national security, create pork and more government. How many future generations will it take to pay for this foolishness and unscramble the mess?

Benjamin Franklin was asked what form of government the constitutional Congress created. He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.” Obama’s trend will destroy our republic, increase unemployment and reduce our credit rating to Third World country levels. Dollar devaluation and runaway inflation will surely follow.

There is one solution for the madness.

The founding fathers believed citizen legislators should represent their constituents in Congress, and then return home and live with the consequences of their laws. We need to purge the privileged professional legislators!

Most legislators have never met a payroll. Some are law breakers who never paid for their crimes. Few ever live under the laws they create. Some have had no other meaningful job. A majority are lawyers who prefer a litigious society, instead of passing tort reforms (i.e., driving up medical costs).

We need a new, fresh, honest, smart, trustworthy, knowledgeable and patriotic, term-limited Congress whose primary agenda is fiscal responsibility. We need a Congress whose members serve the best interest of legal citizens and taxpayers instead of wasting half of their terms raising money for the next election.

We need a president and Congress who listens to constituents outside the beltway, not who lectures them. We need members who are more concerned with removing poor legislation, reducing the size of government, and enforcing valid laws, instead of creating more chaos.

How? Vote them all out of office regardless of party.

It’s time to sweep clean both houses of Congress with a citizen’s non-violent revolution based upon a return to Constitutional law, with controls on special interest’s influence and limits on lobbyists to delivering information only, not money and votes.

Until we do these things, they will all remain mad there.

Dick Gustafson is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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