Vail Valley Voices: We can work together |

Vail Valley Voices: We can work together

Diane E. Mitsch Bush
Vail, CO, Colorado

As the Democratic candidate for our new state House of Representatives District 26, my goal is to help make a better Colorado for us all.

Let’s all come to the table, put aside our partisan differences, roll up our sleeves and get to work. By reaching across the partisan divide and the Continental Divide, listening to all points of view, and considering all the evidence, we can create fiscally responsible, common-sense solutions to Colorado’s problems.

As a two-term Routt County commissioner I have worked in just this way, to successfully develop and fund transportation projects, while helping balance Routt County’s budget during this economic downturn. I have worked with my fellow Routt County commissioners to save taxpayer dollars through energy-efficiency measures for county buildings. We have worked with federal and local agencies to monitor water quality in the Yampa River.

Partnering with businesses to help foster job creation, new startups, and expansion of existing businesses is critical right now.

To do this, elected officials must reach out and listen to businesses in all sectors so that we can identify and reduce obstacles to new job creation. State government can and should be a partner with businesses, providing infrastructure and services not provided by the private sector.

Lean, effective government can help keep a level, competitive playing field while protecting public safety, health, and the environment through its regulatory function. However, government should not simply add red tape or place impediments in the way of new business start-ups or expansions. Inefficiency creates unnecessary costs for private businesses and for taxpayers.

We all need to work together to maintain our fundamental economic assets – especially our quality of life which brings businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to our mountain counties and to our beautiful state. For a vibrant 21st century economy in Colorado, and especially in Eagle and Routt counties, we need to protect our air quality, water quality and quantity, wildlife, and view sheds.

These are key economic assets not only for tourism, but for industries ranging from construction to financial services to health and wellness. If we degrade our environment, we will kill many existing businesses and lose an entire host of entrepreneurs and highly trained professionals who live here for our quality of life.

We can revitalize our economy by:

• Protecting our environment.

• Providing quality p-20 education for all.

• Instituting the market-based Colorado Health Benefit Exchange to give families and businesses the information they need to make their health insurance choices.

• Developing all of our energy resources, both traditional and renewable, in a balanced, sustainable manner.

• Finding new ways to fund our aging transportation system.

We can create fiscally responsible, common sense 21st century solutions only by listening to each other and considering all the data and ideas together. We are all in this economic crisis together. If you elect me to represent you, I promise to reach across the partisan ideological divide and sit down, roll up my sleeves and work with you and for you to help build effective solutions.

Yours for a just, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous Colorado for all.

Diane E. Mitsch Bush is a Routt County commissioner and a candidate for Colorado State House District 26, Eagle County and Routt County.

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