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Vail Valley Voices: What about citizens’ voice?

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO Colorado

If you are interested in the future of Eagle and have a summer vacation planned, cancel it. It seems there will be many meetings related to the Eagle River Station 2.0 file. Haymeadow and West Eagle were discussed somewhat during the joint session of the Town Board and Planning and Zoning Commission but the majority of the Town’s time was spent yet again on Eagle River Station.

The goal of this meeting was to save lots of time in the next six months and get 2.0 through the process as quickly as possible. The town staff and board recommended to the new Planning and Zoning Commission that they not delve into several areas in too much detail because the previous boards already reviewed and accepted the information that will be presented.

Although I personally enjoy town meetings, I cannot say that I look forward to experiencing deja vu with the 2.0 plan when the same 3- to 5-year-old information is presented again for issues like lighting standards and wildlife. However, I believe, as Trustee Turnipseed stated, the devils are in the details and if this is truly a new project, details need to be presented. New citizens to Eagle, new Planning and Zoning members, and the Town of Eagle deserve to see a new project.

But since the mayor stated he does not believe the development agreement will need to be substantially changed because the project has not substantially changed, I wonder if there are actually any new details. And if there are, shouldn’t we start over with the process and review 2.0 like a new project? And if there are not many new details, didn’t we vote this project down in January 2010?

The stated goal of this board and staff is to have the project reviewed and approved before the April 2012 election. With such a clearly stated “target,” I wonder how the citizens’ voice fits in the process, if at all.

But I don’t wonder where I’ll do my very best to be at the next town of Eagle public meeting.

See y’all at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle resident.

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