Vail Valley Voices: Where did summer go? |

Vail Valley Voices: Where did summer go?

It seems like only a few weeks ago the snow melted, the golf course opened, the school year ended, and Solaris was still draped in scaffolding and shiny white plastic.

Now it’s less than four weeks before we’ll be dealing with frost delays on the links, the new school year starts, and Solaris is already busy bowling balls and proving to the world that “Vail” can be used as an adverb.

“Did you see what it costs to go to a movie there?”

“Yeah dude, I saw. How ‘Vail’ can you get?”

In fact, it’s been less than seven weeks since Happy Valley recorded its last snowfall, and I have yet to go on a single overnight hike, my handicap is damn near half my age, the Broncos are already taking the practice field, and the only time I’ve left town was to deal with legal issues out of state.

Yes, I know. Poor, poor Richard.

Still, doesn’t it seem like summer has just literally flown by faster than local real estate companies can pop in and out of existence?

Everything just seems so out of whack right now. I mean, one day Randy Wyrick is working for that other paper, using his unique wit to make fun of the Daily and its advertising rates, and then suddenly, with no public warning whatsoever, here he is working for the Daily again, for like, the 17th time.

Weird, huh? (Welcome back, by the way. And good move!)

I feel like we just barely recovered from the embarrassing horrors of BibGate in Leadville and now we’re dealing with countywide reefer retailers and stolen puppies in Avon.

Something’s just not right, and not even Obama can be blamed for it.

What happened to good ol’ normal anti-winter?

I remember when summer was supposed to mean vacation, not just kids from school, but from the norm for pretty much everyone. It meant more time to relax, BBQs on the back porch, action flicks at the theater, watching sunsets, road trips, picnics, biking, hiking, camping, fishing, ice cream, snow cones, window fans at night and, well, a thousand other things, but most of them relegated to that certain time of year.

Have times really changed, or is it just me and my age?

I always thought the more memories my brain accumulated, the longer it would take that particular organ to sort through the massive mess to reach any particular conclusion, thus time would at least appear to be going by slower each year.

Evidently, I was wrong.

On the plus side, the 13 (give or take) roundabouts being constructed down Edwards way are quickly coming to fruition, although I’d be more than willing to put down somebody else’s money that they will not be completed before the first measureable snowfall, which will, of course, occur only a few weeks from now.

If winter is what brings us here but summer is what makes us stay, I think it only fair that summer should last at least long enough for snow to completely disappear from the Gore.

Don’t look now, but it’s still there.

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