Vail Valley Voices: Who is this guy in the White House anyway? |

Vail Valley Voices: Who is this guy in the White House anyway?

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is interesting that our first lady is attempting to promote jobs while her husband, and his appointees, are doing everything they can to destroy jobs. What’s more, he is insisting that Congress pass a “jobs’ bill (really another stimulus spending and tax bill) that even his own party won’t support.

Who is President Obama? Is he a man who is really interested in helping to improve our economy or is he a power-crazy politician protecting his job? The fact that I’m even asking this question suggests how weak this president’s leadership really is.

Here are some recent examples of lack of leadership:

1. There is a oil transporting pipeline project from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico that is already under construction, so it is “shovel ready.” The president postponed the decision to approve the project until after the election, which probably killed the project altogether.

He was pressured by environmentalists, and as usual he caved. (Even the unions supported this project.).

Canada is now shopping to sell its oil to China rather than wait until the president can make up his mind. What is the cost of this delay? Up to 50,000 direct and 20,000 more auxiliary jobs are lost.

2. The Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board is threatening thousands of jobs in South Carolina (a “right to work” state) by filing law suits against Boeing’s new plant. This was done under union pressure.

Emails obtained from the board under the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch seem to show board members’ contempt for Boeing and legislative officials who are attempting to get the National Labor Relations Board to back off. This is an outrage. The board is strongly influenced by unions attempting to destroy the “right to work” state’s law.

3. Unions spent millions of dollars in bring down Ohio’s attempt to control the state’s financial crisis. Guess which side the Obama supported? This was considered an Obama win. Another vote in Ohio went against the administration’s health-care laws, by the same percentage, an Obama loss.

Who are Obama’s main financial supporters? The members of several environmentalist groups and unions are his main supporters. How have the president’s decisions gone for American’s jobs or for his political re-election? To hell with American’s jobs, the only important one is Obama’s.

What should we do about this? We should press to eliminate the National Labor Relations Board, the Department of Energy, Attorney General Holder, and the Environmental Protection Agency for starters. These eliminations will help solve two problems: shortage of jobs and control overspending.

The next step is to either vote Obama out of office or to impeach him.

Another redundant expense would be to eliminate the czars and the Department of Education.

Gov. Perry, don’t forget these when next asked which tax wasting departments and individuals that you would remove.

Dick Gustafson, of Vail, is a former two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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