Vail Valley Voices: Why can’t we try peace? |

Vail Valley Voices: Why can’t we try peace?

Rob Tramazzo
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a sign of the times, many people of the world are spending a good deal of energy persuading the rest of us that they are right and the other side is wrong.

At the beginning of the Iraq war, the people in power pushed the belief that the United States was justified in its pre-emptive attack on Iraq. When the most recent financial crisis and economic meltdown began to take shape, the media was overflowing with commentaries on which political party is to blame.

Lately, it seems that we, as a people, exhaust so much of our own personal energy defending these beliefs or “perceptions” that we don’t take time to consider the truths or the absolutes.

Currently, this stage has been set in the Gaza strip. Those who believe in the Israeli side reason that the persistent rocket attacks from Hamas on innocent civilians in border towns started everything. They argue that the only way to fight this terrorism is to have an all-out invasion and removal of Hamas.

Those who take the Palestinian side perceive Israel to have terrorized its people for decades under the full support of the United States. Every day, they hear and see stories of children in schools and people on the streets and in their homes being bombarded with shells and incendiary bombs. At this rate, they will never be able to see Israel as anything but a threat to their existence as a people.

This constant need to protect one’s point of view is a never-ending downward spiral into a relativistic shoving match of “Well, they started it.”

I suggest that the world needs to quit acting so childish. The time has come to end this once and for all.

The leaders of the world should give the Palestinians a home that they can be proud of with leaders who will fight for the good name of their people. Let them demonstrate to the world that they are not an evil people intent on causing terror and mayhem.

To the Muslim people who see life as a struggle against the existence of Israel, I suggest that they accept, once and for all, that Israel is here to stay as a nation, a people and a cultural and religious haven.

The truth of the matter is that war should be a last resort if it is to be used at all. It is wrong to drop bombs on innocent civilians indiscriminately. It is wrong to blow oneself up in the name of your religion. It is wrong to think that you have all of the answers. And it is wrong to murder in the name of any religion.

Religion is rooted in love. Terrorism feeds on hate. Dropping bombs that kill innocent people is as much of a form of terrorism as shooting rockets and blowing yourself up in a crowded place.

What Israel needs to realize in this offensive in Gaza is that the people will never forget the images of their people being bombed from above. They will continue to make themselves the victims.

What the Palestinians need to realize is that until they can truly accept Israel as a legitimate state, they will perpetuate struggle, violence, retaliation and lack of peace.

Now, I know this commentary will immediately evoke the response that what I am writing is too ideal and utopian for the real world. Maybe that is true. But isn’t it time for us to get back to some idealism rather than boiling in the hatred and violence that is created by relativism? If we are truly looking for right or wrong, isn’t it safe to say that the perpetuation of violence is wrong?

It is time for both sides to drop their sticks and bats and try to work on living together. It is the only solution and it is truly what is right.

Rob Tramazzo, business manager of the Vail Daily, can be reached at

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