Vail Valley Voices: Why so many delays with Eagle River Station hearings? |

Vail Valley Voices: Why so many delays with Eagle River Station hearings?

Citizens for the Future of Eagle
Eagle, CO, Colorado

The Citizens for the Future of Eagle (CFE) question the recent lack of transparency between Trinity/RED Development and the Eagle community.

The CFE believes that Trinity/RED Development, along with Eagle’s town management, are responsible for the recent spate of Eagle River Station hearing cancellations, lack of sufficient public notice regarding hearing dates and the refusal to provide additional documents before public hearings.

The CFE is requesting that Eagle’s town officials call for specific public hearing dates providing public notice well in advance.

“Both the town and the developer have continued to provide less and less information to the community regarding the ERS proposal, particularly at the public hearings,” said CFE member Brandi Resa. “The trustees did a great thing by scheduling a number of hearings on the ERS proposal, but they have canceled several, often at the last minute. Often, as in the Feb. 25 meeting, posting of the meeting does not happen until the day of; then it doesn’t include specific topics to be discussed or provide background materials. How can busy, working residents expect to contribute to the process if there is a lack of clear and important communication?”

The CFE also believes that Trinity/RED is purposely stalling meetings in the hopes that the current tanking economy turns around. Daily, local and national news is making ERS look less and less feasible.

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Meanwhile, the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce announced that it has swung into action regarding an economic vision for the town, by picking up the Economic Strategic Planning Task Force recommendations that have lain dormant for the past year, since consideration of ERS by the town began. The chamber did so because it is frustrated by the stagnancy it has seen over the past year.

Jan Rosenthal Townsend, a founding member of the CFE, states, “There is also an exciting, new ‘events task force’ being formed, which incorporates a variety of people from the business and private sector. Event planning can be a stimulus to the Eagle economy, and the CFE hopes that the town of Eagle will back the group’s efforts.”

Irrespective of an economic task force and events plan being implemented, potential business developers have been hesitant to move forward investing in downtown or anywhere else in Eagle because the ERS issue remains unresolved with no end in sight.

Business infill projects have also been tabled due to those reasons, along with the fledgling economy. This state of limbo surrounding ERS is hurting the town economically. The CFE is requesting that the town and the ERS developers bring their discussions-meetings to a timely conclusion so that Eagle can move forward with sound economic planning and decisions.

The CFE is a group of concerned Eagle citizens who are committed to preserving the unique, small-town character of Eagle through smart growth principles and policies.

CFE is encouraging its 500-plus members, and the community at large, to attend every remaining ERS meeting and to get involved with the newly formed events committee. Citizens are strongly encouraged to ask questions and voice their concerns to the Town Board, as it will all become part of the public record.

The CFE welcomes any and all feedback. Please e-mail the group at and log onto its Web site at

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