Vail Valley Voices: Why we voted 7-0 to recommend ERS |

Vail Valley Voices: Why we voted 7-0 to recommend ERS

Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission
Vail, CO, Colorado

As members of the town of Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission, we wished to submit our view of the proposed Eagle River Station development project and the actions taken by the commission in the rendering of its decision.

The commission, with the assistance of town staff, developed a methodical schedule to guide the review process for the application.

The commission’s primary task during the review process was to evaluate the application against the town’s master planning documents, most prominently the Eagle Area Community Plan.

The commission reviewed all aspects of the application presented by the applicant, the applicant’s consultants, and the town’s staff and independent consultants hired by the town.

At each applicable hearing, public comment was received relative to the application.

The commission provided a unanimous 7-0 vote in favor of the project after determining that ERS substantially complied with the intents and goals of the East Eagle Mixed-Use land designation, it complied with the 2010 Eagle Area Community plan, as well as other applicable land use regulations related to development within the town of Eagle.

Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission that recommended approval of Eagle River Station: Anne McKibbin, Joe Knabel, Kathy Aalto, Kevin Brubeck, Frances Rolater, Jim Jose, Sig Bjornson

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