Vail Valley voters share selfless hopes |

Vail Valley voters share selfless hopes

Dustin Racioppi
Vail Valley, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado ” It seems a tough task for Vail Valley, Colorado residents to think only of themselves.

With a president-elect being named next week, locals, when given the opportunity to come out and say exactly what they want the next president to do for them ” like, maybe a monthly economic stimulus check, a pardon for late library book fines or perhaps a federally-funded vacation each year, they couldn’t. They could only think in larger terms. And it’s shockingly American.

It seems all they want are the simple things from their next president, like affordable health insurance.

“What I want is for everybody to get health insurance,” said Judy Trujillo, kitchen manager at Minturn’s Turntable Restaurant. “I’m lucky with my husband’s insurance. With us being a small restaurant here, the corporation can’t afford it for everybody.”

Even though Trujillo has coverage, the lack of affordable options directly affects her. Her son, who has two children and a third on the way, also works at the restaurant and he doesn’t have coverage.

“We actually end up helping them with their medical costs because they can’t afford that kind of insurance,” she said. “I know there’s Medicaid and all that, but on the big scale, that doesn’t help anybody.”

The same applies to Phil Delavan, who has shelled out money he doesn’t have the last few years for x-rays, blood tests and routine check-ups.

“I could really use some health care. I currently have none,” Delavan, 28, said. “I’m willing to pay higher taxes to get some. So either subsidized, affordable or free. Something.”

Heather Schultz has her eyes on the future of energy and breaking away from dependence on oil. That doesn’t just mean dependence at the pump, she said. It means finding alternative sources that don’t require petroleum-based products. She just isn’t sure how plausible that is.

“Someone’s going to have to figure out something,” Schultz, a small business owner in Minturn, said. “It’s going to take a stroke of, I think, beyond genius to figure out.”

But what she would like to see and thinks is feasible, is some tax relief.

“Tax relief is always an issue, personally and with small businesses,” Schultz said.

Somehow, it always comes down to taxes, but never with such emphasis as now for Brandon Siegert, who works long days as a store manager in Avon to make ends meet. He said he can’t take anymore increases if he wants to keep living in the valley.

“I don’t know a whole lot about politics. I do know enough that I don’t want my taxes raised,” said Seigert, 28.

But he worries more about his crew at the store, some working second jobs to keep their heads above water.

“I’m really just concerned that myself and my guys, are they going to be able to pay rent?” he said. “I’m really concerned. I don’t want to see them have to pay a ton of taxes. It’ll kill them.”

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