Vail Valley: What a year it was, and what a year it will be! |

Vail Valley: What a year it was, and what a year it will be!

Wow, what a year it was! For some it was fantastic, and for others, well, “what a year it was.”

Once again, let me take a quick moment to share with you how much I have enjoyed all of the e-mails I have received this past year from our community. It has been tremendous and I appreciate each of you for taking the time to write.

I share that with you because as we have been building up to the end of 2010 and the ringing in of 2011, many readers continue to write regularly and have recently sent e-mails with a similar and consistent theme – “what a year it was!”

What usually followed those statements are messages from people lamenting how very hard the year has been. Some folks write, “2011 just can’t get here soon enough,” fso they can get all of the badness behind them. People have struggled financially while some have lost jobs or gone through the entire year looking for work without any success. Others have wrestled with illness and in some cases dealt with the loss of a friend or loved one. “2010 just needs to go away,” writes more than one reader.

Here’s what I found interesting, though – for the most part everyone who wrote to me about the misery of 2010, was optimistic for better things to come their way in 2011.

They have hope! How awesome is that? I get so excited as I read each message, watching as the writer makes the transition from wallowing in the woes and harsh realities of this past year to their words taking on new life and energy filled with hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow.

As we celebrate the good of last year and try to forget the bad and even the ugly associated with 2010, we need to believe and rejoice with a hopeful heart knowing that we have hope in our future. As Leadership Guru John Maxwell says, “If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.” So we need to give ourselves that power in the present, the power to hope and dream, the power to plan and prepare, and the power to fully expect a better year in 2011.

Dr. Denis Waitley says it this way – “We have to plan to win, prepare to win, and then, and only then, can we fully expect to win.” So we have two choices, we can live in the past and commiserate with each other about “What a year it was,” or we can lift one another up with the comfort of “Oh, what a year it will be!”

Thanks again, and keep those e-mails coming. I would love to hear all about your hopes and dreams and how you will plan, prepare, and expect to win in 2011 at and together let’s make it a better than good New Year. Happy New Year Everyone!!

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