Vail Valley: Where exactly is the high road? |

Vail Valley: Where exactly is the high road?

You can check Google Maps, a paper map or an atlas – what you’ll find is that the “High Road” is where personal integrity meets the real world.

If you have been looking for the high road lately as you struggle through life’s challenges, the behaviors of others, and try to stomach the political ads on television, radio, in print and on the internet, you are not alone.

We so often get caught up in reacting to temporary situations that we lose ourselves in the moment, and sometimes even allow the feeling to last for some time. You know what I am talking about: Why did someone else’s child receive special treatment? Why did that other gal get the raise or promotion and not me? How dare that person cut in line? Can you believe the way that guy is driving? He’s going to kill someone. Why can’t just one politician simply promote what he or she will do and not stoop to what evil the other candidate has done or not done?

When deciding to take the high road, the key word in the last paragraph is “temporary.” The next time you find yourself feeling slighted, offended, intruded upon, neglected or left out, take a minute to first breathe and then remember that this too shall pass – it’s really only a temporary situation.

However, how we choose to react – or possibly over react – could create a permanent or long term problem, much worse than the fleeting incident that initially had us so upset. Our reputation is what we have done, but our character is who we are. So, take the high road – there is far less traffic, and you will find the drive more relaxing and rather enjoyable.

Now, I am not suggesting we let bad guys get away with outright wrongs – no way. I think we should pursue justice whenever appropriate. What I am suggesting is that when we use discernment and bring clarity to the everyday battles of life we will most likely find that we can take the high road and let the little things slide.

Remember this too – the high road isn’t just a metaphorical place or figurative statement meant to appease the angry or frustrated heart and mind. It is as literal as Main Street USA. The high road is where our personal integrity meets the real world.

Will you join me?

Thanks again for all your e-mails and kind remarks when we have an opportunity to meet in person – this community is awesome. Let me know about your personal high road at and make it a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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