Vail Valley: Your inner and outer worlds are linked |

Vail Valley: Your inner and outer worlds are linked

As a Vail Valley dad watched a football game, his five-year-old son was looking for attention. He repeatedly tugged at his dad’s arm and asked to play.

As dad tried to balance watching the final quarter of the game with entertaining his son, he reached over and tore out a page from a magazine. There was an image of a man on the page he had torn out. He showed it to his son and then proceeded to rip it up into several tiny pieces, asking his son to put it back together like a puzzle.

In just a few minutes, the young boy brought the picture back all taped together. Dad looked down in amazement and asked his son how he was able to put all the pieces back so quickly and accurately. The boy said that it was easy ” on the back of the picture of the man, there was a photograph of the world and all he did was put the world back together, and once he put the world back together, the man was back together.

These are unbelievable times we live in. There are challenges never before faced by many of us. Around each corner another surprise. There is reality that we need to deal with “out there.” But what about “in here,” in our own bodies and minds. If the person is together, the world will be together.

Let me share three areas that can help you piece your world together or help you keep it together.

The physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life play such an important role in keeping it all together. And it is important to balance all three. Some might advocate that the fourth and fifth aspects would be social and financial, but if you take care of the first three, the social and financial pieces will most often fall into place.

Take the time to walk, hike, ski, work-out, do yoga, road or mountain bike, but get active and build up that physical piece of the puzzle. And as you look to enhance your mental capacity, there is no shortage of access to information. Read good books, biographies, business books, health books, research your interests and hobbies on the internet.

The old saying, garbage in garbage out, applies to our minds as as much as it applies to computers. With all the negativity in the news, take the time to balance that out by reading something positive on a daily basis. My mentor Zig Ziglar says it this way ” “Every day I read the newspaper and the Bible, this way I know what both sides are up to.”

And that touches on the third element, the spiritual aspect. We live in a very diverse valley and we have people from all walks of life and various faiths. And regardless of their religious belief systems, over the years many people have shared with me that they can look back on their lives and point to the times of their life when everything was wonderful. They point to the fact that they were much more active in church, and felt a daily connection to God during these times. And when they looked back on their lives and had trouble spots, it was often when they had departed from their faith journey.

Putting your world together means balancing these aspects of your life. Not just bench-pressing your way through life, or burying your head in books all the time, or focusing only on the spiritual, but intentionally spending time in each area. The world is tough and may get a little tougher here in the near term, but keep yourself together and you can deal with whatever may come, keeping your world together.

Let me know how the pieces of your life are going at and let me know if you are working out, what you are reading, or how your faith journey is going. Have a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach, and motivational speaker and is once again serving as the interim president of the Zig Ziglar Organization. Michael writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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