Vail Valley’s an elk killing zone |

Vail Valley’s an elk killing zone

Lisa Maytag-Gooch
Vail, CO, Colorado

My opinion on the elk picture is varied, but to me it raises a greater issue. I think out-of-towners and others find it fun, because of the interest about living with wildlife.

For those of us who live in the area, we know that the elk’s life is difficult and usually when I see them, they are dead on the highway.

I could write a story about the elk that’s cute and/or funny, but I truly believe that this a good time to share my concerns about the $1million-plus wildlife fence that has been recently put up on the I-70 corridor.

I think if the outside world really wants to know about the elk’s life, they’d need to ride with me to Gypsum each morning. I usually end up calling the State Patrol every day (at mm144) to tell them about the elk I see outside the fence, which are about to end up in front of a trash truck’s bumper.

I know that if I could count the wildlife that’s dead on the road versus the other ones I see, it would be a pretty even count. So I guess I need to call the Department of Transportation or go to town meetings or figure out if the elk can truly be helped. Whenever I see one outside the fence, I pretty much know it’s a death sentence, and I wonder if this is the best way to help them. When I think about it, the culling of the herds in Estes Park seems to be a much better way to help than placing them in front of a trash truck on I-70, which is pretty much what this wildlife fence has accomplished.

Lisa Maytag-Gooch


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