Vail Valley’s shaw cancer center, Aspen hospital partner |

Vail Valley’s shaw cancer center, Aspen hospital partner

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL – Aspen Valley Hospital and the Vail Valley’s Shaw Regional Cancer Center have announced a partnership that aims to make receiving cancer care for high country patients more convenient and offers Shaw’s technology and services to Aspen Valley’s patients and their physicians.

“We all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer,” said Aspen Valley Hospital CEO David Ressler. “And we all can relate to the fear and anxiety that person feels. People want the best possible medical care; most want that care close to home. They want to be where their support system is, where they’re most comfortable. This partnership will allow that.”

Shaw Regional Cancer Center provides services including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of most types of cancer. The Shaw team works closely with the University of Colorado as well as other larger institutions.

In addition to a multitude of diagnostic and treatment programs, Shaw operates Jack’s Place, with overnight accommodations for those who travel to Edwards for care and would like to stay for the duration of their treatment. Located on the Shaw campus, Jack’s place offers a comfortable, home-like environment for patients and their families.

“We believe in multidisciplinary care close to home. People in Aspen shouldn’t have to travel far for their cancer care,” said Joe Deuschle, vice president at Shaw. “While Aspen and surrounding communities aren’t large enough to support all aspects of care – such as radiation therapy – we’re fairly close to Aspen and provide the benefits of a large cancer center.”

On the Shaw team are a variety of cancer specialists, all of whom essentially become part of the cancer program at AVH. Medical specialties represented at Shaw are medical and radiation oncology, pathology and radiology. Nurses, the pharmacist, nutritionist and physicist are all oncology certified. Also included on the team are a social worker, medical librarian, genetic counselor, radiation therapists, physical therapists and an exercise physiologist. Shaw’s “Fit for Survival” program helps patients stay fit and well-nourished during their treatment.

New to Shaw’s state-of-the-art technologies is a PET/CT scanner. This equipment identifies active tumors and helps physicians determine if the treatment is working. In this way, physicians can adjust the treatment regimen quickly and effectively.

“The fact that Aspen Valley Hospital’s patients are now part of our network of care is precedent setting in Colorado,” adds Dr. Reginald Francoise, past president of Vail Valley Medical Center’s medical staff and medical center board member. “We recognize that living in mountain towns means that we need to share our advanced medical care. VVMC and Shaw hope this partnership will be viewed as an open invitation to other mountain communities to partner with us so that patients can receive the best care close to home.”

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