Vail Valley’s ThriveMD adds ‘liposculpture’ |

Vail Valley’s ThriveMD adds ‘liposculpture’

EDWARDS — Scott Brandt, medical director of ThriveMD, recently announced the addition of “liposculpture” to its practice. Brandt has had extensive training and experience with the “Tickle Lipo” device, which is used routinely during stem cell harvesting procedures. Also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, the procedures is referred to as “Tickle Lipo” because of the tickling sensation experienced during treatment.

“This innovative technology sets itself apart from other forms of liposuction because it removes fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissue and yields the highest quality regenerative results offering patients better body sculpting and more visible results,” Brandt said.

This state of the art instrument liquefies and quickly removes fat cells which have the highest survival rate for fat grafting procedures as well as stem cell isolation. Cell-rich fat transfer procedures are commonly utilized for restoring youthful appearance to the hands and face.

Brandt offers this procedure as an outpatient treatment which takes approximately one to three hours and is done without general anesthesia. This technique allows Brandt to easily maneuver through tissue for better body sculpting, less bruising and faster recovery time.

Brandt’s expertise in interventional pain management has kept him on the leading edge of medical innovations that promise longer lasting results with minimally invasive procedures. Since relocating to the Vail Valley, his practice has been devoted to stem cell therapies, bioidentical hormone replacement, medical diets and liposuction. Brandt is licensed in Colorado, is certified by the America Board of Anesthesiology, and has been a Diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine.

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