Vail Village’s newest pop-up store offers intricate textiles and statement décor pieces

Q&A with Constanza Briones

Constanza Briones recently opened a pop-up home goods store, AURA, in Vail Village.
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AURA offers a “passport to a world of exquisite home décor.” Inspired by her world travels, Chilean-born Constanza Briones opened the Vail Village boutique, combining her love of beauty and high-quality craftsmanship with her background in the luxury jewelry and watches industry. Her hand-picked collection of home accessories, from intricate textiles to statement décor pieces, helps elevate your home with elegance.

Vail Valley HOME: What brought you to Vail?

Constanza Briones: Vail is truly a second home for both me and my family. It all traces back to the early days of Vail Mountain, when my father, a skilled member of the Chilean ski team, first set foot here. Guided by his coach, the legendary Pepi Gramshammer, he fell in love with this place’s slopes and spirit. That deep connection led him to buy a home here, anchoring our family to Vail. This town became an integral part of our lives, a testament to the enduring bonds formed through sport and shared experiences.

When did you open AURA, and what inspired you to open the boutique?

“We believe in the power of creating spaces that reflect beauty and touch the essence of the soul, and we aspire to be a part of the process that brings on captivating, functional and welcoming environments.” Constanza Briones, AURA owner

AURA came to life as a long-held dream that I finally found the courage to bring into reality. The idea had been in my mind for years, and at a certain point, I found the strength and conviction to turn it into an actual project. At the moment, AURA is a seasonal pop-up, so this collection will only be available for a few more months; however, it’s only the beginning for us. What truly motivates me is my commitment to transforming living spaces into sanctuaries defined by their beauty, comfort and the inspiration they evoke. I wanted to bring something new to the Vail community.

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What is your customer service philosophy? 

Our philosophy is centered around the idea of encouraging genuine happiness through our products. Being a local business, our ties to the Vail community run deep, and it’s a privilege to open our space to our neighbors and friends. We believe in the power of creating spaces that reflect beauty and touch the essence of the soul, and we aspire to be a part of the process that brings on captivating, functional and welcoming environments. Our goal is to bring creativity and individuality through all of our curations. 

How do you help people create a sanctuary that reflects their unique style?

We take the time to truly understand what brings them a sense of calm and happiness within their living spaces. Our collection features an array of handpicked items carefully selected to showcase your individuality, so your home becomes an extension of your personality. Our commitment lies in transforming living spaces into grace, comfort and inspiration havens.

AURA’s offerings are inspired by Briones’ global travels.
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How does your background contribute to the items you choose for AURA?

My background has played a significant role in shaping what you’ll find at AURA. In the past, I was deeply immersed in the watch business and also had the pleasure of presenting stunning jewelry crafted by the finest artisans in Italy and Belgium. These experiences took me to many places, and in my travels, I discovered unique home décor pieces that resonated with me. Over the years, I collected a personal selection, and when the opportunity finally emerged, I knew it was time to bring my vision to life. AURA is a culmination of all these passions and experiences.

What are a few of your favorite items for this fall and winter?

There are a few treasures at AURA that I’m particularly excited about. One of my favorites is a collection of throws crafted with care in Germany by a family-owned business with an impressive 105-year legacy. Their expertise shines through in the stunning cashmere blankets they create, offering an array of combinations and colors to suit any taste. Also, as the holiday season approaches, we have a variety of unique and special items, from thoughtful holiday-themed pieces to items that exude charm and elegance. There’s something for everyone. And finally, I’d say the incredible candles hailing from Spain; they come in an assortment that caters to diverse preferences, ensuring every visitor finds a scent that resonates with them.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love hiking and biking, immersing myself in nature and exploring the trails. Cooking is another passion that brings me immense pleasure, especially when shared with my family. A special kind of connection forms when you make a meal from the heart and share it with loved ones. And, of course, the mountains of Vail are the backdrop to one of my greatest passions – skiing. The feeling of gliding down those slopes is a unique experience that I treasure.

What kind of items do you offer?

We offer ample items designed to infuse your living space with a sense of individuality and charm. I’ve carefully curated a collection of products that showcase what inspires me the most from my wide range of roots and the incredible artistry and craftsmanship of artisans worldwide. It’s my mission to bring along the beauty of unique decor, represented in everything from woven baskets to textiles and bold statement pieces. Our offerings go from playful rugs to elegantly crafted candles and versatile tableware. For those seeking sophistication, we have silverware and exquisite glassware sourced from Portugal, Italy and Poland. And we believe in combining beauty with practicality – our collection also includes tablecloths with an anti-stain treatment, making it easier to keep your pieces as good as new for longer. 

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242 East Meadow Drive suite C-1
Vail, CO 81657

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