Vail Vitality Center hosts program for spring detox |

Vail Vitality Center hosts program for spring detox

VAIL — Throughout human existence, the transitional spring season has been regarded as a powerful time to cleanse and regenerate the body and mind. Beginning Wednesday, certified maharishi ayurvedic wellness consultant Julia Clarke leads a 21-day version of her ever-popular Ayurvedic Detox program at the Vail Vitality Center, helping participants to truly experience that transition.

Clarke’s effective approach to cleansing uses the principles of ayurveda, the world’s most ancient tradition of self-care. Ayurveda offers a refreshingly simple philosophy for cultivating individual health, reawakening the body’s natural ability to heal and experiencing true vitality.

This program offers a supportive group setting and is designed to reset digestion and reeducate the mind on how to eat healthily through a guided detox using cleansing diet and procedures, group meetings, yoga and meditation. Participants can expect to improve nutrient absorption, optimize metabolism, increase energy, lose weight, sleep better and wake up happy.

“Detoxing lies at the heart of ayurveda, which always recognized that seasonal transition can create disharmony in the body’s functions,” Clarke said. “Today, with the added stresses of modern living, these ancient practices are more relevant than ever. This program is designed to reconnect participants to their essential selves and nature’s rhythms through the food that they eat and the life that they live, and is truly accessible for all.”

Ayurveda is a science of health and healing that has been practiced in India for thousands of years and currently is the fastest growing complementary alternative system in the West. This ancient science recognizes poor digestion as the root of all disease and makes diet and lifestyle recommendations specific to an individual’s unique body type to maximize nutrient absorption, diminish allergies, encourage weight loss, increase energy, improve overall vitality and sleep, and cultivate joy.

Clarke’s 21-Day Ayurvedic Detox program at the Vail Vitality Center includes delicious recipes, ongoing support, engaging video lectures, Kitchari cleanse kit, guided meditation and yoga. The group meets on Wednesday and again March 25 at 5:45 p.m., and on March 31 at 7 p.m. at the Vail Vitality Center, located at Vail Mountain Lodge. A 5:45 p.m. optional yoga practice is also encouraged.

For information or to register, visit or call 970-476-7960. The workshop is open to members and Vail Vitality Center guests. Cost is $120. This opportunity is limited to 15 participants and registration closes today.

A certified yoga teacher, Clarke teaches vinyasa flow yoga and anjali restorative yoga. She is the yoga director at the Vail Vitality Center.

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