Vail Vitality Center introduces indoor cycling program |

Vail Vitality Center introduces indoor cycling program

VAIL — The days on the calendar may be creeping ever closer to the start of the winter season, but Vail Vitality Center professionals know it’s the ideal time to start training for cycling season. To that end, they’ve developed a new metabolic performance cycling course that marries the science of human performance with the mechanics of maximizing energy and power through targeted training on FreeMotion bikes that offer cutting edge technology.

Metabolic performance cycling at the Vail Vitality Center is a three-part periodization program using power and heart rate to improve the body’s ability to sustain energy and ride longer. The first session begins on Tuesday.

Jennifer Sage, master instructor, professional coach and founder of the Indoor Cycling Association, leads the new series. Sage uses the science behind pedaling to optimize results, dispel fitness myths and reduce the possibility for injuries. Most of all, Sage inspires students to have more fun on their bikes.

“With the proper training, proper preparation and proper coaching, you’ll find yourself feeling strong, fast and fully capable, starting on your first outdoor ride of the season,” Sage said. “This remarkable program will leave you feeling surprised at your strength and confident in your ability to tackle even your biggest personal challenge on the bike next spring.”

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Metabolic performance cycling is designed to help participants ride faster on mountain climbs, reduce fatigue, utilize correct energy stores, increase power and prepare for those bucket list cycling events on the horizon. New FreeMotion S Series Carbon Indoor Cycling bikes at the Vail Vitality Center offer the latest technology to help riders reach those goals.

FreeMotion bikes are lightweight, easier and faster to adjust for fit and offer access for a broad range of riders. The bikes feature a smoother, quieter ride and a magnetic braking system for consistency in and more control over resistance changes. The bikes also feature power console systems, allowing riders to directly measure power output in watts via a sensor on the crank arm and track ride data over time. Power meters enable participants to access current fitness level, fine-tune workouts and reach goals more quickly.


The cycling program also features the opportunity to work with Benjamin Stone, founder of Sigma Human Performance. Stone uses metabolic testing as a guide for outlining heart rate and/or power zones, providing the most precise method to ensure each second participants spend training are as beneficial as possible in achieving personal goals.

“By focusing on the way your body uses fat and carbohydrate we are able to use information collected from Advanced Metabolic Profiling to nutritionally address the limitations of your individual physiology in a manner that is enjoyable, convenient and, most of all, supremely effective,” Stone said.

The data collected also can be applied to other areas of health and vitality for each participant, including weight loss, improved recovery between workouts and even basic health and fitness status.

“Because the time constraints and demands of your life simply do not allow for an endless amount of time to train or devote yourself to your fitness goals, Sigma’s Advanced Metabolic Testing enables us to focus directly on the energy systems most responsible for addressing your goals, thus minimizing time and input and maximizing return,” Stone said.

Metabolic performance cycling is offered at the Vail Vitality Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 and 5:45 p.m. each week, beginning on Nov. 4. The first session is six weeks long (Tuesday – Dec. 16) and cost is $240 for members and $312 for non-members. The second session is eight weeks long (Jan. 6 – Feb. 26) and cost is $320 for members and $416 for non-members. The third and final session is six weeks long (March 2 – April 9) and cost is $240 for members and $312 for non-members. Optimal results are based on the level of commitment to the full program.

Interested riders also can register for all three courses at a reduced cost of $700 for members and $910 for non-members.

Participants can add metabolic testing with Stone at a reduced rate of $250, which helps monitor progress and includes two tests per training session, plus a complimentary USB stick for data storage.

For information or to register, visit or call 970-476-7960.

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