Vail Vitality Center kicks off new pilates program |

Vail Vitality Center kicks off new pilates program

Special to the DailyPilates coordinator Kellie D'Elia Laskin.

VAIL – Vail Vitality Center is now offering enhanced pilates programming thanks to the arrival of new pilates coordinator, Kellie D’Elia Laskin. Part of the new programming includes the introduction of unique sessions targeted to specific needs or special techniques designed to combat deficiencies or weaknesses. One of those programs is “pfilates.”

Pfilates is a scientifically derived plyometric pelvic floor and core stabilization conditioning program developed by Dr. Bruce Crawford, a Reno-based physician who created the program to help combat pelvic floor weakness. Crawford diagnosed the disorder in many of his patients and was determined to find an alternative to surgery.

Pelvic floor disorders are epidemic and include urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, female sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor prolapse. These disorders are commonplace and regarded as inevitable consequences of childbirth and hormonal changes from aging. Dr. Crawford regards these disorders as neuromuscular, deserving of a neuromuscular solution. His research and determination led to the development of specialized pfilates exercises.

Pfilates was created using pilates exercises based on extensive EMG recordings taken from the pelvic floor. The technique provides a widely accessible method of recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength. Pfilates goes beyond Kegel exercises by using movements that condition the pelvic floor, and also tone the thighs and glutes.

D’Elia Laskin trained with Dr. Crawford, and now teaches pfilates as part of the Vail Vitality Center’s Pilates programming. She is excited to introduce the new program to Vail Valley residents and visitors.

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“Pfilates is life-changing,” said D’Elia Laskin, who’s been teaching pilates for more than 12 years. “Students have experienced obvious results and we’re pleased they’ve found the exercises to be simple and quick to implement in the studio and at home.”

The Vail Vitality Center’s pfilates program is unique in that it incorporates the physical exercises, taught by D’Elia Laskin, with a lecture delivered by regenerative medicine specialist and staff doctor Heidi Archer, M.D. The integrated course is designed to help students understand the anatomy and hormonal changes that contribute to pelvic floor disorder, and pelvic floor prolapse, and teach the exercises that help combat the effects of the disorder.

This special Pfilates class takes place on Wednesdays (starting this week) through July 18 (no class on Wed., July 4), from 9 – 10 a.m. The cost is $100, which includes the lecture on June 13, four subsequent exercise-specific classes (June 20, 27, July 11 and 18), and a take-home kit with instructions. For information or to register for Pfilates at Vail Vitality Center, visit or call 970-476-7721.

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