Vail Vitality Center lecture series continues Wednesday |

Vail Vitality Center lecture series continues Wednesday

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Who: Functional medicine specialist Jacqui Slavin.

Where: Tivoli Lodge, Vail.

When: 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Cost: Free.

More information: 970-476-7721 or

VAIL — When it comes to nutrition and health concerns, wheat and gluten are hot topics of late, though accurate information is difficult to find. To bridge that gap, Vail Vitality Center functional medicine specialist Jacqui Slavin will present a free, informative lecture on Wednesday to help demystify how wheat and gluten affect individual health and their link to heart disease, brain degeneration, thyroid dysfunction and hormone imbalance.

Understanding the nuances between celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and other health issues caused by grains can be overwhelming. Through this lecture, Slavin offers a detailed review of how wheat leads to high cholesterol and dementia. She will discuss why gluten continues to be controversial. Slavin’s presentation will further the discussion reawakened by preventive cardiologist William Davis in “Wheat Belly” and neurologist David Perlmutter in his recent book, “Grain Brain.”

Slavin’s presentation also will cover how several types of thyroid dysfunction, including both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid diseases, can be influenced by wheat and gluten due to particular properties of the molecules. Hormone imbalances in men and women, and infertility issues are also linked to the more recently acquired properties of wheat and gluten.

To learn more, join Slavin at the Tivoli Lodge on Wednesday at 6 p.m. for her presentation. The lecture is offered free of charge, though registration is appreciated. For information or to register, contact the Vail Vitality Center at 970-476-7721 or visit the website at

Jacqui Slavin practices functional medicine at the Vail Vitality Center and is the owner of Functional Wellness in Avon. Contact her by calling 970-376-7779.

The Winter Lecture Series is hosted by the Vail Vitality Center, a program created by the staff at Vail Mountain Lodge, which offers individual diagnostics and guided intensive regimens, tailored group retreat programs and workshop opportunities year-round. Learn more at

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