Vail Vitality Center’s annual program kicks off Jan. 1 |

Vail Vitality Center’s annual program kicks off Jan. 1

VAIL –The New Year’s Resolution. For some it is a chance to start fresh, kick off a new year with noble intentions. For others it is a daunting challenge looming in the very near future. Perhaps its time we viewed positive change from a different angle.

If it’s true that 90 percent of everything we do on a daily basis is a habit, why not create good habits in those areas that need improvement? That’s what the Vail Vitality Center’s 40 Days to Personal Transformation series aims to do. Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, this 40-day guided transformation encourages participants to create positive new habits that lead to healthy changes in body and mind. The program is led by Vail Vitality Center Yoga Studio coordinator, teacher and Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant Julia Clarke, who looks forward to introducing a unique focus to this tried and true method for change.

“Using a small-step formula, we will integrate new habits and lifestyle choices that challenge our comfort zone without moving us into the stress zone of ‘fight or flight,’ helping to create positive changes in body and mind,” said Clarke. “Ordinarily, habit would have us return to the comfortable version immediately, but if we’re willing to keep engaging the unfamiliar, the brain will start to process this new input and learn new patterns.”

Clarke’s approach to this popular series features four tools to inspire radical self-participation: yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and journaling.

During the program, participants commit to six days of yoga each week.

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“The Yoga Sutras state that a practice becomes firmly grounded with its steady, regular and attended to in earnest,” Clarke said.

In addition, the program includes daily, electronic guided meditations; a tool to help cultivate a regular mindful meditation practice rooted in breath awareness.

Participants also will learn about the ancient health tradition of Ayurveda. Manageable changes to diet and routine designed for each participant’s body type will transform individual health, with a specific focus on offsetting the effects of winter. A dosha assessment will be taken early in the program to determine what each participant needs, whether nourishment, detoxing or both.

Journaling will help participants articulate intentions and track changes. Participants will learn how to use journaling as an effective tool to cultivate their voice and manifest goals through approachable practices. Participants also receive daily email contemplations that will help guide individual focus.

“If change is the only constant then we are always in a state of evolution,” said Clarke. “This rich program helps ensure that your evolution is unfolding the way you want.”

The Vail Vitality Center’s 40 Days to Personal Transformation program runs Jan. 1 – Feb. 9 and includes full use of the Vail Vitality Center fitness center, including 28 yoga and meditation classes weekly. Meetings take place each week on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. Cost for first-time participants is $150 for members and $300 for guests. Cost for repeat participants is $75 for members and $225 for guests.

For information or to register for 40 Days to Personal Transformation at the Vail Vitality Center, visit or call 970-476-7721.

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