Vail Wi-Fi concerns |

Vail Wi-Fi concerns

Greg Chandler, reservations manager

I am writing today on behalf of all the visitors to the lovely Town of Vail who happen to bring their computers with them on vacation and who find themselves trying to gain access to the internet using Vail Wi-Fi. (Notwithstanding admonishments that one who spends their time hunched over a laptop may be missing the point of visiting such a wonderful place!)

Being a local property manager in charge of vacation rentals in the town of Vail, I have the benefit of hearing the collected opinions of many guests who have stayed in our varied properties. We have rental condos and homes in Vail Village, Lionshead, Sandstone, and West Vail. These condos and homes have individual owners who sometimes choose to pay for their own high-speed internet connection. But at those rental properties whose owners have chosen not to install high-speed internet, guests with computers have to find their own way. In these cases, we reluctantly tell our guests, “You can try using Vail Wi-Fi.”

We are reluctant to suggest Vail Wi-Fi because of the negative feedback we have received from our guests. Many have said that the signal is intermittent or weak. Those who have paid for the “faster” Vail Wi-Fi connection often complain that it is quite slow. One recent guest told me that Vail Wi-Fi is “OK in a pinch, but if you could talk the owner into getting his own high-speed connection, that would be a vast improvement.”

Has the town of Vail carefully reviewed the Vail Wi-Fi service (offered by CenturyTel)? Do they know that it doesn’t work that well? Perhaps if the Town Council expressed concern, CenturyTel would make some adjustments or improvements.

Right now, Vail Wi-Fi is not a particularly impressive public service.

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