Vail winter snow removal operations have begun; no on-street or shoulder parking allowed |

Vail winter snow removal operations have begun; no on-street or shoulder parking allowed

VAIL — The town of Vail has transitioned to its winter snow removal operations. As such, no on-street parking will be available within the town through April 21.

Throughout the winter season, the Public Works Department is prepared to maintain Vail’s frontage roads and residential streets in a timely manner during and following each snowstorm. However, for efficient snow removal operations on Vail’s streets, residents and homeowners are asked to follow the town’s snow removal policies:

• By town ordinance, homeowners and residents are responsible for maintaining their own driveways, parking areas and sidewalks following a snowstorm.

• By town ordinance, hired snowplow drivers are required to obtain a town of Vail snowplow license from the town’s Public Works Department, 1309 Elkhorn Drive. Plow contractors also are required to display their name on the side of their vehicles.

• By town ordinance, snowplows and snow shovelers are not allowed to push or plow snow into public roadways, including snow-melted surfaces in Vail Village or Lionshead Village. Also, snow-removal activities must not obstruct access to fire hydrants, and cleared spaces around hydrants must be maintained.

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• For pedestrian safety, the town does not allow any on-street or shoulder parking. This includes construction vehicles. Automobiles may be ticketed and/or towed if left on town streets or shoulders during snow-removal operations.

Following a snowstorm, roads that service the hospital, schools, commercial areas and the ski area are plowed by 8 a.m., with other residential streets plowed by 9:30 a.m. For additional information, contact Charlie Turnbull in the town’s Public Works Department at 970-477-3425 or 970-390-3008.

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