Vail withdraws marketing money from energy forum |

Vail withdraws marketing money from energy forum

Present: Greg Moffet, Jenn Bruno, Ludwig Kurz, Andy Daly, Margaret Rogers, Dave Chapin and Dale Bugby.

Issue: Withdrawing marketing money from the March Global Energy Forum.

Who they talked to: Sybil Navas, town special events coordinator.

What they talked about: Navas discussed a recent request from the Vail Commission on Special Events to withdraw $7,500 in approved funding from the Vail Global Energy Forum. The request came after a member recently spotted a banner ad for the forum at Denver International Airport. That ad read, in part, “It all happens at Beaver Creek.”

Town funding is supposed to go to events that happen at least partly in Vail and are advertised as such. Daly objected to withdrawing the funding, saying the forum crowd is exactly the kind of audience Vail wants to attract. Other council members disagreed and voted 6-1 to accept the commission’s recommendation.

Issue: Funding improvements to frontage road medians at Lionshead.

Who they talked to: Tom Kassmel, of the town’s engineering department.

What they talked about: Kassmel asked council members if they wanted to go ahead with a $1 million project to install landscaped road medians near the Lionshead parking structure.

Kassmel told the council that while the money for the project had been budgeted, the medians, and clearing snow around them, would stretch the town’s road maintenance budget. Kassmel also presented council members with a proposal for equipment that included a new front-end loader, a snowblower and full-time operator.

What they did: Council members decided to delay the project until at least 2015.

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