Vail woman waits for news of Mumbai shootings |

Vail woman waits for news of Mumbai shootings

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL ” Lynn Marie Bauman’s heart sank when she saw the familiar looking hotels and streets on the news.

Bauman, a Vail Valley Medical Center employee and Mesa Cortina resident, followed the news of shootings and the hostage situation happening in Mumbai, India just like everyone else.

But her interest in the events occurring in one of Mumbai’s high-end districts was more personal ” as a former flight attendant with Northwest airlines, she had frequented that neighborhood, and she knew there was a good chance that her former co-workers were there.

According to Associated Press reports, suspected Muslim militants stormed targets across Mumbai Wednesday, including the luxury Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, where Bauman had frequently stayed.

About 119 people are reported to be dead, and Indian authorities are still sweeping the area in search of hostages and trapped people, AP reported.

Bauman, who spent years working on the Amsterdam-to-Mumbai flight, said she has gotten reports that all of the Northwest crew is accounted for except for one flight attendant and one pilot still in the buildings.

The airline has not released names, so she doesn’t know if any of her friends are affected, she said.

“I know people who fly that trip a lot, and so disheartening to hear that,” she said. “That was my hotel, those were my co-workers.”

Many western Europeans, Americans and Mumbai elite, as well as international flight crews, frequented that particular district. Bauman said she was told most of the people she knew were at the Oberoi or the nearby Leopold Cafe when the siege began.

“I’ve eaten at Leopold probably a dozen times,” Bauman said. “Street vendors there all know me by name. It’s kind of a shock to hear about this.”

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