Vail’s big dump: infusion of winter marketing |

Vail’s big dump: infusion of winter marketing

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The national economy is slumping.

Consumers, whose spending has long been the engine of that economy, have largely slammed shut their wallets, thanks to a combination of soaring oil prices (remember those?), the housing bubble’s pop and the end of easy money in the credit markets.

Since the local economy is still built largely on other people’s discretionary income, we applaud the wisdom of a group of locals in putting together a new winter marketing plan for Vail.

The marketing effort, funded with $550,000 from town of Vail reserves, will target both Front Range and East Coast skiers. Most of the money will be used to reach out to people who have previously visited Vail. It’s not a lot, really, when you consider that $550,000 would buy less than 10 seconds of commercial time during the Super Bowl.

But this is a good idea since, presumably, people who have skied Vail in the past are probably most likely to be lured back.

Vail Resorts has pledged to use some of its own advertising money in the effort to lure skiers, and the Vail Local Marketing District, a group usually dedicated to selling Vail’s summer charms, is part of the program, as well.

People in the business of selling play time at luxury resorts are wary of the word “discount.” But the winter marketing plan will include some deals for skiers and vacationers, and local business owners seem to be willing to help put together package deals to get skiers on lifts and heads in hotel and condo beds.

That all of this has happened in the equivalent of an eye blink for Vail ” a place famed for talking the life out of even the most vibrant ideas ” should give you some idea of how serious the national economic slump is.

This last-minute effort may not work, although we believe it will have at least some success. But no matter the effect on the valley’s bottom line, we applaud the effort, and believe that pulling together the town’s government, business community and the local resort company ” all of whom have often been at odds with one another over the past few years ” may pay for a common goal may pay dividends beyond this ski season.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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