Vail’s ‘brain bank’ holds great promise |

Vail’s ‘brain bank’ holds great promise

Vail Daily Editorial Board

The town of Vail’s “brain bank” ” the corps of resident-experts the town’s assembling ” is a great idea.

Here’s how it works: People with expertise in finance, the environment, housing, development and other areas volunteer, and the town calls on their experience when it’s time to make big decisions.

There are plenty of people with a keen interest in Vail making good decisions that will help the town ” and therefore the entire valley ” thrive. And there are surely a lot of people in and around town who would like help without committing the time and energy ” or facing the intense scrutiny ” it takes to serve on the town council.

The brain bank essentially lets people be council members for a single issue or development project. Also, it’s quite possible the brain bank could, along with Vail’s various town boards, serve as another training ground for future council members.

Best of all, it’s another way for people and business owners to get involved with how their town is run and in what direction it goes.

Some very bright, successful people call Vail and Eagle County home. Avon, Eagle and the county government should think about forming their own brain banks not only to get more people involved, but because, in any businesses or agency ” whether it’s a government, nonprofit organization or a newspaper ” there’s of risk of becoming too insular and falling prey to the dreaded groupthink.

All organizations can benefit from the ideas and challenges an outside volunteer can bring.

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