Vail’s Bravo! festival makes it to primetime |

Vail’s Bravo! festival makes it to primetime

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VAIL – The Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival has made it to primetime national television.

All this week, the Bravo Festival and the town of Vail are featured on a primetime segment on WFAA Channel 8 out of Dallas. The series chronicles the Dallas Symphony Orchestras recent residency in Vail with five different segments airing this week at 10 p.m. central time.

WFAA performing arts reporter Gary Cogill takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey with the Orchestra as they travel from Dallas to Vail to perform at the Bravo! Festival. Cogill covers everything from how the orchestra gets to Vail to rehearsal time, the concerts, and what orchestra members do in their spare time. A great deal of Vail, from hotels to restaurants to activities, is slated to be shown on the series. Filming occurred in Vail, June 30 and July 1.

Yesterday, Bravo staff huddled around a computer to watch the series from a link on WFAA’s web site.

“It’s really exciting to see Bravo on a national news station, outside of Colorado. I mean it’s Dallas, that’s a pretty major city,” said Patrick Marshall, ticketing and marketing associate for Bravo. “I’m excited to see the rest of the series. There was so much that happened while they were here. Having to follow the whole symphony around while trying to capture the essence of Vail is pretty impressive.”

Part one of the series began on Monday with a segment about the orchestra’s rehearsal at the Amphitheater. Tuesday’s segment covered the orchestra’s opening night concert on June 30, including coverage of the major rainstorm that hit the valley just moments before the concert started.

Tonight, viewers will follow Cogill as he explores the town of Vail and gets the local reaction to the orchestra being in town. Interviews with Bravo! executive staff and local residents will be broadcast, as well as the post-concert reception at the Manor Vail.

The series continues Thursday with a segment on Jaap Van Zweden, music director for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and his time in Vail including an interview with him right by Vail’s Covered Bridge. The series concludes Friday with Manny Borok and his 25 years as the orchestra’s concert master.

While the show isn’t being broadcast locally, people can follow the series from a link-on Bravo’s homepage at

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