Vail’s easy parking solution |

Vail’s easy parking solution

Charles Lorch, Eagle

Parking, parking, parking; what’s the problem?

There has been much tooth-gnashing, garment-rending and finger-pointing on the parking issue here in Vail. The pick-up, proletariat fear they will be banished from the structure, and no one in the driving public knows when their style of vehicle will next be singled out for some sort of parking restriction.

Well, let not your hearts be troubled, kids. The solution to the parking problem is elementary: elevate the South Frontage Road from the town offices to The Cascade Club.

Building an elevated section of road will provide acres of covered parking beneath the roadway; the kind of parking people pay for. Berming up the north side will provide a noise and view shield from I-70. A fleet of electric shuttles could whisk visitors to the mountain. In one stroke, we will have turned the unmitigated mess that is frontage road parking into a revenue source and aesthetic improvement.

The details of implementation I leave to the architects, engineers and contractors. But, little or no excavation is required and much of the structure will be precast concrete manufactured off site, minimizing the construction impacts.

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Modesty compels me to decline, in advance, the naming of this section of road in my honor; though the public will surely whoop for it. A modest stipend or emolument sent my way will suffice.

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