Vail’s fashion forecast |

Vail’s fashion forecast

Brenda Himelfarb
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

The fashion scene in Vail has always been somewhat laid back: A pair of jeans and a blazer for both men and women can take you anywhere. That’s always been the valley’s charm. However, this season’s fashion look will have lots of women and men stepping out of their comfort zone to take a leap into a new bold look!

“I think Vail fashion has come a long way in the last 10 years, ” says Jenn Bruno, co-owner of DUE and Luca Bruno. “People – especially women – in the valley really do look at what people are wearing and make an effort to dress up when they go out. Vail has been taking more of a stride on the runway.

“High fashion starts with classic essentials with trendy pieces that can be added for flare each season,” Bruno continued. “It’s important to look at your wardrobe as an investment. The best-dressed people buy classics and have just a few ‘pop pieces.'”

And those “pop pieces” for spring and summer, this year – for both men and women – will incorporate various hues from a soft mint green to bold, strong colors such as orange, bright green and mustard.

Take jeans, for instance, a staple in these parts. Plain old blue denim just doesn’t do it anymore. The season’s trend is to wear jeans so bright that someone can see you coming from a block away.

Patti Weinstein, owner of Roxy in Vail and Beaver Creek, is stoked about this season’s look for jeans.

“Jeans this year are all about color,” Weinstein said. “The look is coming right off the runway and JBrand is really driving what’s going on. Designers are doing cool, new fabrications in denim. There’ll be sparkles, floral and Aztec prints and lots of pinks and purple. And the hottest look will be straight leg and lots of capris.”

With jeans being an essential part of a Colorado wardrobe it only makes sense to have at least two pair that fit just right: one pair to wear with heels, another to hem and wear with flats, suggests Bruno.

So what other trends are expected for the coming season?

According to fashion forecasters, womens fashion will see vibrant, dynamic shades and patterns that do not have a trace of last year. Color themes will revolve around a few pastel shades and tinted neutrals. Fabrics like organic cotton, linen, jersey and lace in various pastel hues will also be seen. At the same time floral patterns, in rich, vivid colors will be the craze.

Handbags and shoes will be in bright colors like bright blue, yellow, green and hot pink. And ladies, it’s time to get the summer pedicure, as you’ll be wearing lots of strappy shoes – whether they be a jaw-dropping, sparkly, metallic stiletto, a wedge or a polka-dot sandal by designer Anna Sui. As one writer put it, the shoes this season “may cause you to let out some oohs, ahhs and major OMGs.”

If you crochet, get out your needles. And if you were around in the ’70s, check out the back of your closet and see if you have an old, crochet number lurking.

The crochet look is so hot that WRAP, a London catalog features a ’70s-inspired dress with crochet lace panels, on its cover. Can’t do the dress? Then a crochet vest will keep you current.

There will be whimsical patterns in everything from blouses to skirts to dresses.

Think fruit, feathers, floral and geometric prints. It’s never-ending designs from the good old days of “pop art.” And we can’t forget some of the new takes on animal prints. Essentially, the look is a bit classic, but with a touch of edgy.

As, always, you can’t go wrong with black and white, colors that are considered to be a staple for every spring and summer look. It’s a safe look that designers consistently feature in their collections each year. It’s traditional and classic. A look that takes you anywhere.

When it comes to pants, the palazzo silhouette is back as well as the Katherine Hepburn, high-waisted flare pants that should be worn with a great heel to create a more current look.

Scarves are finally gracing necklines in American fashion for both men and women, according to Bruno.

“It’s one of the most important additions to a wardrobe, “says Bruno. “You can really change the look of an outfit with a scarf. Soon scarves will be as important in the United States as they are in Europe.”

Men this season can also consider stepping out of the box. The color scheme will extend to bold orange, blues and Hawaiian prints. However, those who want to feel safe can simply stick to camel and white.

Trendy prints also headline this season’s men’s look. Lots of stripes and plaids will be there for the picking!

Yet, let’s not forget the classic, crisp white shirt! A versatile item that can look either elegant or casual – depending upon how it’s worn. Tucked in with a great pair of trousers a jacket and classic shoes, gives one a business look. Wear it loose with a pair of jeans and you get a different, yet stylish look. Or if you want to look like David Beckham, tuck only one side of the shirt in. Whatever works!

As for pants, the oversized look is still in for spring and summer. They should be wider around the thigh and looser in the calf area – but not falling off of the hip.

According to fashion forecasters, 2012 will see vibrant, dynamic shades and patterns – for both men and women – that do not have a trace of last year.

“This season is all about being bright,” Weinstein said. “And it’s so refreshing after looking at dull colors for so long. Everything is very alive. And if you’re frightened of the colors, you can always stick to the pastel and neutral shades, which are also in vogue.”

If you’re really confused, you can always watch The Learning Channel’s, “What Not to Wear,” and pay attention to the advice of the two fashion-maven-hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

Remember, as Fernando, one of Billy Crystal’s “Saturday Night Live” characters used to say, “It’s better to look good than to feel good.”

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