Vail’s gas gap grow as prices fall |

Vail’s gas gap grow as prices fall

Dustin Racioppi
Vail, CO Colorado
AP PhotoGas, which much less than costly in Vail, Colorado lately, is even cheaper elsewhere in the U.S, Gas is under a dollar and a half in Lawrence, Kan.

VAIL, Colorado ” By now you’ve probably realized the gas prices are coming down in Vail, Colorado.

What you may not have realized is they are going down a lot more sharply in places outside the Vail Valley.

Gas prices in the valley have always been a bit higher than other areas of the state, but traditionally have been about 25 to 35 cents more. But now, as many people in Colorado are seeing gas for less than $2 a gallon, the gap between the Vail area and the rest of the state is widening.

AAA reports show Vail has the second most expensive gas in Colorado, and the difference between prices here and in places like Denver, which is one of the cheapest in the state, is about 60 cents.

“It’s not fair,” said Eagle-Vail resident Joe McGrath, as he pumped a few dollars worth into his beat up pickup truck. “Most people in the area can afford it. I can’t.”

McGrath’s brother Jasper doesn’t think it’s very fair either, but at the same time he could see why prices are so much higher here.

“They kind of have to jack up their fuel prices because not as many people are coming here,” he said. “Economically it makes sense. It’s a good and a bad thing.”

It’s hard to complain though, when just last year motorists in the state were looking at prices near $3.50. Many in the area will take what they can get right now, even if it is a lot higher than most other places.

“It is what it is. I guess I’m used to it,” said Brian Ingoldsby, who’s lived in Eagle for 10 years.

He was in Denver on Thanksgiving and said he got gas for $1.59 a gallon, and started to wonder why it was so much cheaper. He figures it must cost more to transport the fuel up the mountains to get here, so that explains higher prices, he said.

“But not that much higher,” he said.

When you’re from Denver and come here, like Al Hovland did this weekend, what you are used to can aggravate you. Hovlan paid about $2.25 to fill up Friday, just around 60 cents more than he pays back home.

“It bothers me because I could stop here or I could go somewhere a lot cheaper,” Hovlan said. “I would tend not to stop in Vail next time.”

All things considered, though, most drivers are happy to see their dollar stretch a little farther than it did when fuel prices were creeping up towards $5.

“It’s nice its come down from like, $3.90,” Hovlan said. “It’s a lot more bearable.”

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