Vail’s Larkspur continues wine series Thursday |

Vail’s Larkspur continues wine series Thursday

What is an orange wine? The obvious answer is the color of the wine. Truly, orange wines range in color from straw to strawberry. The color range is dependent on the winemaking technique – an age old, very natural, biodynamic method of macerating the grape juice with the grape skins, often in ancient clay vessels.

On Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Larkspur Restaurant’s Wine University will present a seminar and tasting on orange wines.

“This is about much more than color,” said Wine Director Kevin Furtado. “Winemakers who are committed to this style are risk-takers. They have a belief in the purity of flavor and tannic balance created through this style. It can best be compared to other ‘cult’ wines.”

Attendees can look forward to a lively discussion on this esoteric subject as it is difficult to put a label on orange wines. It’s a philosophy, an approach to winemaking that is natural and biodynamic.

What is biodynamic farming? It’s the interrelationship of the soil, plants, and animals as a closed, self-nourishing system. Nothing is added – no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind. This method of farming and harvesting is done with a dedication to the earth and its living energy. It’s a focus on the health of the soil by observing the cycles of the earth that affect seeding, propagating, growing and harvesting.

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European artisan winemakers will be the focus at this class. The six regionally specific wines have characteristics true to their area, all from either Italy or Eastern Europe. Students will have the opportunity to taste, compare and discuss the unique style.

Wine University is a weekly summer program at Larkspur and will continue through the end of August. Space is limited and reservations may be made by calling 970-754-8050. Price is $40 per person. To view the entire course syllabus, visit

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