Vail’s Living at your Peak column: Five things you can do today to be healthier |

Vail’s Living at your Peak column: Five things you can do today to be healthier

Jay Williams

“I’ll start eating healthier, exercising and making healthier choices tomorrow.”

Most of us have had this thought or spoken these words at one time or another. And many times, tomorrow turns into another tomorrow and another tomorrow, ad infinitum, because choosing a healthier lifestyle seems like a daunting task. Living at Your Peak presenter, Jay Williams, Ph.D., says it doesn’t have to be. At the upcoming Living at Your Peak health and wellness summit in Vail, Dr. Williams will offer an overview of the tools and technology available for tracking fitness and health for optimal aging and well-being. The latest use of gaming, gadgets, apps and platforms will be covered and practical applications for both athletes and weekend warriors alike will be offered.

Author of “The 24-Hour Turnaround,” and a recognized health, fitness and nutrition expert, Dr. Williams emphasizes that anyone can make healthier choices in the next 24 hours that can make both short- and long-term impacts on their health.

She offers these five tips that anyone can easily implement-starting today.

1. Track your progress and share your results. Whether your long-term goal is running a marathon, losing weight or reducing stress, studies show the greatest results are seen in those who track their daily activities and aggregate the information in one easy-to-understand report. In the short term, sharing your progress in a fun and social format can keep you focused and motivated.

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2. Heal your body and promote anti-aging with good hydration. Good hydration means drinking at least 75 ounces of water each day, and more if you live in a high altitude environment or if you’re active. In the short term, proper hydration promotes healthy body and brain cells and improves fat burning. In the long term, it helps reduce cellular aging, improve your skin and promote weight loss.

3. Unravel the myth of alcohol moderation. Skip your evening glass of wine and you will, in the short term, increase your body’s ability to burn fat and remove toxins in the next 24 hours. In the long term, you should get the facts on what moderation means for you personally and improve your overall health.

4. Get more sleep. A good night’s sleep will help you live longer and stronger. Go to bed on time to see short-term benefits, like making your own anti-aging human growth hormone, boosting your immune function and improving your mood. In the long term, proper sleep helps drop unwanted pounds.

5. Get moving. Start exercising today – even if you only take a short, low to moderate intensity walk around your neighborhood. If I could recommend one long-term, end-all, be-all cure to help you lose weight, get lean muscles and halt or even reverse the signs of aging, it would be exercise. This remedy doesn’t come in a bottle at your pharmacy and there are no magic herbs to make it happen faster. It keeps you lean, fit and feeling and looking younger, and it’s available to anyone. Oh, and it’s free, too! Studies have also shown that there’s an immediate effect in memory, mood and cognition when we exercise.

Jay Williams, Ph.D., is an acclaimed physiologist and medical nutritionist, clinical professor, author, researcher and health and wellness consultant. Dr. Williams, most recently recognized for her corporate workshops on the science of stress reduction and biofeedback, works nationally and internationally with both the private sector and the medical community. Williams has published several books in the health category and currently is a feature contributor on the Dr. Oz ShareCare community, and her timely articles are published in the health section of The Huffington Post.

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